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SoundKlout 19 : Budo

Budo Beats the Beat

I was introduced to Budo from his collaborations with Grieves. The two have been makin some bangin work over at Rhymesayers for the past few years. When I first hit up his SoundCloud page, I realized it didn’t include much of what the two have done, but includes some of his other work, namely A.R.M. And, although, A.R.M. and some of his side work are worth checking out, Budo, like every other damn hip-hop artist on SC, needs to get more of their work up on there… please :)

Mediate on These »

SoundKlout 18 : Wick-it the Instigator

I always read it, Wick-it the Investigator (like you care)

Wick-it takes my two favorite styles on SoundCloud, dubstep & mashups, and goes to town on pop classics all the way down to underground hip-hop. I do prefer his mashup skills over his dubstep ones, but it’s good to see someone expanding beyond their usual territory.

This is also another one that was hard to narrow down (like Funk Ferret). Although, Wick-it has so many damn tracks, over 70, that I was bound to bring in a few more. If you like the first eleven, I’m sure you’ll like The Rest.

Instigate This! »

SoundKlout 17 : DiscoTech

Some damn good pop remixes (pool party // club worthy)!

Released this a while back, but had to feature ’em for SoundKlout. There’s only a few DJ’s who can mixx up pop songs together in a fashion like this, but when I find ’em it gives me just a little more hope for the mainstream music scene.

DiscoTech has a consistent club fun viiibe, but each track hits me right in a different way. I haven’t heard much from them lately, but there’s bound to be some fresh shit coming from these Euro-rave liberators. can’t wait

Check out the discoMIXES »

SoundKlout 16 : Paper Diamond

Glitch galore like you've never seen before!

Of course I found out about Paper Diamond with my utter obsession with all things Pretty Lights. At first I wasn’t too impressed with his music, I think I expected the holy ghost to pop out or something, he did just get signed to the best label alive!, but after a few steps in I realized he wasn’t just some Pretty Lights clone. He brings something different to the label, a certain madness that music’s progressing into (well, some of it).

Glitch Galore is What’s in Store »

J. Cole · Who Dat Part 2 (ft. SD & Childish Gambino)

"I shit green like vegetarian's assholes"

Not gonna lie, I’m not too familiar with J. Cole’s work. I saw this posted on Gambino’s SoundCloud and liked the beats & flows. The lyrics are that standard metaphorical, pun-intended rap, but pretty damn witty, nonetheless – I mean, we got Gambino here after all.

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[audio:Who-Dat.mp3|titles=Who Dat Pt. 2 (feat. SD & Childish Gambino)]

SoundKlout 15 : Funk Ferret

The funkin hottest mixes of the series

Funk Ferret has too much good music. This is the first SoundClouder that I couldn’t narrow down to a handful of tracks. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just for the life of me I could hardly remove one track from here to keep the list ‘selective’. It may just be my infatuation with the funkiness, but I think Funk Ferret puts something to it that makes it extra FUNKalicious.

On to the Funkin Hot Music »

Adele · Someone Like You (Bassex Bootleg)

So good, yet, so-so.

Bassex has taken Adele’s “Someone Like You” and turned it into a hypnotic, tune-out track… well, up until the drop. Right when you’re getting lost in it, Bassex throws in a drop all too common among dubstep remixes, an over complicated bit that strays too far away from the original. Dubstep doesn’t need to rely on the dirtiest drops and Bassex’s Bootleg proves that. It’s such a beautiful remix with synths that build up Adele’s powervocals. The song should keep with the melodic and stay away from the chaotic.

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[audio:Someone-Like-Bassex.mp3|titles=Someone Like You (Bassex Bootleg)]

SoundKlout 14 : DJ Soo

Bringing out the better side of rap and mashing it UP

I featured Soo in our first SoundCloud series that eventually turned into this. I decided to include him on here because he’s just so damn good. His talent for mashing up the best MC’s, known & not-so known, and funkifying ’em to a new era level is beyond most. Surprisingly though, I caught a glitch hop track made from the ground up by Soo and it definitely competes with his mixes & mashups. As well as he’s doing with mixes & mashups, getting back to producing could do wonders for him… and us.

On to the Mashups »

[audio:The-Message.mp3|titles=The Message (DJ Soo Remix)]

SoundKlout 13 : Love and Light

The future of dance music - can you step to this?

I’ve been a fan of Love and Light ever since I found 4centers’ remix of “Eleanor Rigby” – he’s 1 half of L&L. But when I first started going through their SoundCloud page, I wasn’t all that impressed. However, when I started to get in a little deeper, I found some real diamonds in the rough.

Like all glitch-step / dub-hop (whatever you wanna call it), it takes a certain ear to follow along, but I assure you it’s well worth overcoming the barrier to entry. This I assure you is the future of dance music.

Let a lil’ Love & Light in »

SoundKlout 12 : Rhymesayers Entertainment

The Twin Cities, the next stop in Hip-Hop.

This is our first label in the Soundklout series. The biggest reason I chose them first is because there are slim pickings when it comes to hip-hop on SoundCloud – I’m trying to recruit more.

Rhymesayers is a collective of hip-hop acts from all over the U.S., but is based out of Minneapolis, MN. I was originally going to show a few tracks from their most notable act, Atmosphere, but thought there’s a lot more to Rhymesayers than just that. However, if you don’t know Atmo, get to, they maybe overrated compared to the rest of Rhymesayers, but they’re underrated compared to the rest of rap.

What these Rhymsayers have to say »