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Would You Consider Skrillex Brostep?

+ New Skrillex EP's: Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites and My Name is Skrillex

I’ve been on Turntable for the last few days, which is the main reason for my lack of recent posts (obsessed). The reason I bring it up is because when I was DJing in the “Dubstep” room, a lot of ’em brought up the term “brostep”, which I had no idea what it meant at the time. After listening to Skrillex’s two new EP’s, My Name is Skrillex and Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP, I think I understand what they meant.

I’m not trying to label Skrillex’s music as brostep, but I’m starting to see where the term applies. Brostep simply means dubstep without soul (as I found). Some believe it incorporates samples, mainly from hip-hop, but this is where I tend to disagree. Brostep, in my definition, would be dubstep with no real focus, which throws in gaudy none sense for affect… or simply lacks soul […]

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[audio:Ask-Of-You.mp3|titles=All I Ask of You (feat. Penny)]

Grieves · On the Rocks

"Sick a tryin' to strum a long with your love song."

Just picked up Grieves’ new album, Together/Apart. Until I get through it a few times, take a look at this music video for “On the Rocks”. Love what Grieves does with his vocals, it’s refreshing to hear among the hip-hop I gotta tread through each day.

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[audio:On-The-Rocks.mp3|titles=On the Rocks]

Kenton Dunson ·· Creative Destruction 2

It's more than Kenton Dunson- it's life, ambition, heartbreak & passion.

Kenton Dunson first became a blip on the radar with his remix of John Legend’s cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” and his buzz has only grown since. We previously featured his second single “Firestarter” off Creative Destruction 2 and today we have the final product. If you enjoyed that single, you will love this entire album. My only gripe about it is the length of it. Although, I guess it is better for an artist to leave you wanting more rather than less.

There are some real gems on Creative Destruction 2 and choosing a favorite track from it is a tough decision. Specifically, I am having a hard time deciding if I love “Face Off” or “Mine Again” […]

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[audio:|artists=Kenton Dunson|titles=Mine Again]

DJ Theory · Can’t Get Enough

Some of the sexiest, panty-dropping music since Barry White

I was introduced to moombahton by some school friends a few months back. I recently just read on another blog that moombahton sounds like “house reggae”. Interesting way to put it ’cause they kind of hit the nail on the head with that. My opinion; some of the sexiest, panty-dropping music since Barry White. This track, produced by New England native DJ Theory, has been on repeat on my iPod for the last 6 days.

Featured on David Heartbreak’s “Moombahsoul Vol. 1” (who’s rework of The Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone” made me sweat), Theory has alot to be recognized for. Producer/DJ for MA-based hiphop group The Problemaddicts, official scratch DJ for the SF 49ers and founder/co-owner of the […]

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[audio:Cant-Get-Enough.mp3|titles=Can’t Get Enough]

“Rolling in the Deep” Rompin’ Remixes

Now we're gettin' Adele deep, down & dirty in DUBSTEP

About three months back I thought about compiling a list of “Rolling in the Deep” remixes, mashups & covers. However, pickings were slim at the time, so I held off. Now that I’ve come back to it, there are so many producers who’ve chopped and edited “Rolling in the Deep” that I’ve had to focus on one style – Rompers! Most of these are dubstep, but I’ve found some House and a few other ragers.

If you’re not familiar with dubstep, you’re probably not going to like these (and I do understand). But if ya love ‘steppin just as much as I, get ready for some coiling goodnass(ty). There’s just about a dozen remixes for you to get lean to, so let’s get this party started!

On to the RAGERS »

[audio:Rolling-Deep-F3RAL.mp3|titles=Rolling In the Deep [F3RAL DnB Bootleg]

Sucker Punch Soundtrack, meh

Filled with disappointing covers, but one good mashup!

The Sucker Punch Soundtrack consists of mostly covers of classic tracks from back in the day – “Where is My Mind” & “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” to name a few. I usually have a certain fondness for covers, but these just weren’t done right. While watching Sucker Punch, where music is suppose to carry the movie, it really just took me out of it. The renditions took the heart out of the original song and seemed like it was turned into something for teensters. There was one song, however, that gave me the good ol, “I gotta blog about this”, excitement […]

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[audio:We-Will-Rock-You-Mash.mp3|titles=I Want It All / We Will Rock You (Mashup feat. Armageddon a.k.a Geddy)]

Lupe Fiasco Calls President Obama A Terrorist

But the real issue is the lack of communication between Lupe & O'Reilly

Does our boy Lupe Fiasco look a little lost to you in this picture Maybe it’s because he is. Just last night, political commentator, Bill O’Reilly, had Lupe Fiasco on his show to discuss recent events, like the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. In this 5 minute video, O’Reilly found it a bit hard to get a word in and was a little shocked by the amount of interruptions . . . and I’m not talking about commercials.

Personally, I believe that someone at Lupe’s level who’s reach extends across the world and influences the minds of so many, this is not the way he should have conveyed his personal opinion on our nation’s leader. Fiasco is a significant representation of the American hiphop culture and I’ve already seen […]

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[audio:Words-I-Never-Said.mp3|titles=Words I Never Said Ft. Skylar Grey]

Pretty Lights vs Summertime

Just in time for the summertime!

Aight, so there’s eight summertime songs mashed in this next of PL 2011 Remixes, “Pretty Lights vs Summertime”. I’ll throw one out and y’all give me the rest! That’s right, a lil’ participation from you SOB’s ;)

1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Summertime

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[audio:Pretty-Lights-Summertime.mp3|titles=Pretty Lights vs Summertime]

Kyprios · How The West Was One

The chorus is too damn catchy.

Canada is surprising me in all fronts of music these days – from Hip-Hop to R&B, shit is swellin’ up North.

In my latest find, Kyprios, formerly from Sweatshop Union, teamed up with Rob the Viking of Swollen Members for “How The West Was One” – a tribute to the Vancouver Canucks. The lyrics are catchy as hell, especially those chorus lines. It’s that shit when you wake up in the morning and can’t get it out of your head.

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[audio:How-The-West-Was-Won.mp3|titles=How the West Was One]

Blue Scholars · Seijun Suzuki

"You know we got hella class like a bidet."

“Seijun Suzuki” hit the hardest the first time around Cinemetropolis – that beat just catches. Now that I’ve been listening to Cinemetropolis a few more times, I’m starting to feel a few more.

I’ve been listening to Blue Scholars for a few years now and love what they’re doin in the Pacific Northwest. Sabzi is progressing his sound nicely and Geo keeps on with the lyrics. Hit me up with your favorites on this until I get in a few more listens. (Check it on Bandcamp)

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[audio:Seijun-Suzuki.mp3|titles=Seijun Suzuki]