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“Rolling in the Deep” Rompin’ Remixes

Now we're gettin' Adele deep, down & dirty in DUBSTEP

About three months back I thought about compiling a list of “Rolling in the Deep” remixes, mashups & covers. However, pickings were slim at the time, so I held off. Now that I’ve come back to it, there are so many producers who’ve chopped and edited “Rolling in the Deep” that I’ve had to focus on one style – Rompers! Most of these are dubstep, but I’ve found some House and a few other ragers.

If you’re not familiar with dubstep, you’re probably not going to like these (and I do understand). But if ya love ‘steppin just as much as I, get ready for some coiling goodnass(ty). There’s just about a dozen remixes for you to get lean to, so let’s get this party started!

Hit us up with your favorites in the comments below
(whether they’re from my list or somewhere else on the net)

“Rolling in the Deep” Dubstep Remixes (favorites)

F3RAL – Rolling In the Deep [Adele DnB Bootleg]
Love the intricateNESS in this. Not technically dubstep, but DnB is a close cousin.
[audio:Rolling-Deep-F3RAL.mp3|titles=Rolling In the Deep [F3RAL DnB Bootleg]

Unreal & Operator – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)
feel that fuckin bass! WOOF!! lol
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Unreal.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Unreal & Operator Remix)]


Damn You Mongolians – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)
I think I only like this because of his name, Damn You Mongolians ;)
This is a bit more melodic than the others – calming, yet dirty :D
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Mongolians.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Damn You Mongolians Remix)]

Deathstar – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)
it’s fuckin MartyParty & Minnesota | definition dubstep Rager
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Deathstar.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix)]

“Rolling in the Deep” Rager Remixes

dBerrie – Rolling in the Deep (Adele House Remix)
now this is just heavenly. Gotta have a lil’ house heaven with all this devil dubstep
[audio:Rolling-Deep-dBerrie.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (dBerrieRemix)]

Team Wing – Rolling in the Deep (Adele House Bootleg)
a raver’s delight
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Team-Wing.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Team Wing Bootleg)]

Tune in Crew – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)
not as rageworthy as some of the others, but it’s funky as hell!
[audio:Rolling-Deep-TuneInCrew.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Tune in Crew Remix)]

Ezitsuj – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Bootleg Remix)
damn does this BANG BANG BANG!
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Ezitsuj.mp3|titles=Rolling In The Deep (Ezitsuj Bootleg Remix)]

Adele Serious

“Rolling in the Deep” Dubstep Remixes (contin.)

The Rockstars – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Dubstep Remix)
Ya had me at “excellent”. Mixes dubstep, blues & rock.. well done.
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Rockstars.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (The Rockstars Dubstep Remix)]

The SoniXx – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Dubstep Remix)
love the piano in this, although there’s a few other things just as noteworthy
[audio:Rolling-Deep-SoniXx.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix)]

Bullwack – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Dubstep Remix)
would’ve been almost better on its own, but he mixes Adele in there.. deep ;)
has that Deadmau5 sound (I hear it everywhere)
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Bullwack.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Bullwack Dubstep Remix)]

Dirty Noise – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Dubstep Remix)
Dirty Noise does some dirty dubstep.
[audio:Rolling-Deep-Dirty-Noise.mp3|titles=Rolling in the Deep (Dirty Noise Meets The Dubstep Remix)]

I’ve got these all for download, so hit us up with some comments and I’ll post it :)
(you can get a lot of ’em on their SoundCloud pages as well)

I should’ve included these.. so I have! They may even take some of the slots up there (shhh!).. too lazy to reorder now :/

Deletah – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)

Gold Top – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Remix)

SpectraSoul – Rolling in the Deep (Adele Bootleg)

* I gotta say that I’ve listen to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” get remixed just over a bazzillion times and I’am no where near sick of her voice – though I’m still in awe about how many people who have remixed “Rolling in the Deep”!