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Daily Routine (Phaseone Rmx) by Animal Collective

No idea what they're saying; then again who cares.

Remixes are startin to take over here. With all the musical resources I go through – Hypem/SoundCloud/etc – remixes and mashups are always toppin the charts.

Phaseone’s remix would be the most recent addition and it’s a damn fine one at that. I listened to the damn thing nearly a dozen times before I moved on to something else – I have a bad habit of listening to a song over and over until I kill it for everyone else.

Thanks to AK JIGGA for this one.

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[audio:Daily-Routine-Phaseone-Remix.mp3|titles=Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

BT Live Set 2009 by BEAT TORRENT


From The Beatles to Run DMC, these French fucks know how to mix up a rockin’ playlist. Just about every one of these RMX’s topped the original – yes, even The Beatles’s “Back in the USSR”.

Give my two favorite a listen and go to BEAT TORRENT’s bandcamp to check out the full LP. They’re also expected to release a new album by the end of November – I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

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[audio:Back-In-The-USSR-BT-RMX.mp3,No-One-Knows-BT-RMX.mp3|titles=Back in the USSR BT RMX,No One Knows BT RMX]

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We’re Here to Save the Day by The Constellations

featuring Asher Roth

“We’re Here to Save the Day” was the first song dropped in my soundcloud dropbox by thehappysmokers a few months back.

I was a little skeptical about the chorus at first, the kids didn’t seem to fit the mood, but after hearing Elijah Jones’s vocals & Asher Roth’s MCing, I could’ve given a fuck. Both of ’em got the flow down, even with completely different styles. Roth, however, made the song for me with some superb MCing. Kinda reminds me of Emineminem(inem) without all the […]

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[audio:Save-the-Day.mp3|titles=We’re Here to Save the Day (feat. Asher Roth)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Velocity of Love by D-Pulse

Pure magical funk - Perfect for the autumn season.

I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been finding a good amount of music to make love to – maybe I’ll compile it all for y’all sometime.

The most recent of these baby makin’ songs is “Velocity of Love” by D-Pulse. What makes it so damn sensual is that brass vibration – it sure leaves the heart wondering. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find more shit like this.

Enjoy with a loved one.

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[audio:Velocity-of-Love.mp3|titles=Velocity of Love (Original Extended Mix)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Glowing in the Darkest Night by Pretty Lights

"What makes the mothafucker so damn fresh."

I dunno if Pretty Lights could ever top Filling Up the City Skies, but this sure is sneaking up on it.

Glowing in the Darkest Night brings on some newly crafted tunes by our favorite hip-hop/electronic fused producer, Derek Vincent Smith.

The one thing the album’s missing is something substantially new from Smith. This may be the best release of his this year, but I know he would do well at experimenting with new […]

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[audio:Still-Night.mp3,Shining-Bright-Despite-The-Plight.mp3,So-Much-in-the-Dark.mp3|titles=Still Night,Shining Bright Despite the Plight,So Much in the Dark]

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Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys (feat. Intuition)

"and I can't get lost in your world"

First heard Intuition on his song “Al Bundy” almost a year back. So when I heard he did an edit of The Black Key’s “Psychotic Girl”, I knew he’d cut up some nasty lines for this blues rock band.

“Psychotic Girl” gives the typical tale of a seemingly normal gal that shows her true colors when you’re least expecting it. Intuition’s thoughts go well with The Black Keys’ original vocals, especially against those back beat blues.

I would’ve liked Intuition’s flow a bit slower paced and better volumized (volumized), but he did a damn fine job at picking a song that was meant for him to lay some dirtay lines over.

Now off to listen to The Black Key’s discography :)

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[audio:Psychotic-Girl.mp3|titles=Psychotic Girl (feat. Intuition)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Three Tunes to Toke to

"I'm Seattle's Prince call me Purple Rain."

Just about every song on this site is good for a toke, but here’s a few that bring light to the herb.

Hit me up with your favorite beats to blaze to – Check out mine.

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[audio:So-Damn-High.mp3,Stoned.mp3,I-Do-My-Thing.mp3|titles=So Damn High,Stoned (feat. Del tha Funkee Homosapien),I Do My Thing (feat. Snoop Dogg)]

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Make You Pop (Hooky Dubstep Remix) by Diplo

If the devil listened to music, this would be it.

I don’t know why I like dubstep, but sometimes the beat takes you. It’s like screamo music, only a certain person can handle it.

I’m not into a lot of dupstep, however, a nice blend of dub vibes fused with anything from Nelly Furtado to Mozart will get my rave face on.

Hooky’s remix of “Make You Pop” has a good build until it drops so-damn-hard 53 seconds in. The beat hits right on the spot with some unusual sounds for music. Only in dubstep could you drop in something that sounds like your computer just got totally fucked – and sound goood. Enjoy.

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[audio:Make-You-Pop-Remix.mp3|titles=Make You Pop (Hooky Dub Remix)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel (2009)

featuring Lionheart by Emancipator

We all need a mental vacation once in a while, and with Emancipator’s escapist sounds it’s the perfect remedy to let the mind at ease.

Stargate Studios recently used Emancipator’s “Lionheart” to help unfold the fascinating virtual manipulation that goes on in their studio. I don’t know which I’m more impressed by – Emancipator or Stargate Studios – but combine the two and get artistic look at how easy our eyes can be deceived.

Shit is unbelievable.

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[audio:Lionheart.mp3,When-I-Go.mp3|titles=Lionheart,When I Go]

(Download Link in Full Article)

The Weeknd – What You Need

Sexiest Shit You've Never Heard

Fuck is this shit sexy! Ya ever find a song that you could listen to over and over again, and it got better every damn time Well, that’d be this.

Last night I was heading to bed when I randomly hit this on the Hype Machine (it was meant to be). The beat clicked from the start and the vocals were smoother than.. my thought process right now ’cause I can’t think of shit. This may even top GAYNGS‘s “The Gaudy Side of Town” for sexiest love song of […]

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[audio:What-You-Need.mp3|titles=What You Need]