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Mos Dub by Max Tannone

A union with one of Brooklyn’s finest and the sounds of Jamaica.

Remember Jaydiohead It was that awesome mash-up album of Jay-Z and Radiohead that dropped in December of ‘08 and introduced the world to producer Max Tannone. He’s back, this time with an album called Mos Dub, which mashes my personal favorite Mos Def with roots reggae.

Each of the 10 tracks expertly lays a Mos Def vocal track over a reggae instrumental, usually weaving in some chorus vocals from the reggae song as well. The Mos Def tracks are well chosen from throughout his career, and Tannone has dug up 10 absolutely gorgeous reggae tunes. Each song is perfectly paired and mixed, far past the point of the novelty mash-up and well into the territory of true art and incredibly enjoyable music. The excellent production creates a showcase for the fact that Mos Def’s deep, smooth voice works beautifully with the vibes of […]

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[audio:History-Town.mp3,Travellin-Underground.mp3|titles=History Town, Travellin’ Underground]

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Carlos Santana

featuring India Arie & Yo-Yo Ma

I’ve heard quite a few Beatles cover songs before, but this one really does George Harrison’s original justice.

First hearing India Arie’s voice was a bit peculiar. I couldn’t picture her standing in, but after getting use to her voice with Santa’s guitar, it made for a perfect match.

I’ve only listened to a couple tracks off Santa’s newly released album, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time, but his rendition of this classic takes it. You can’t beat a Beatle’s song redone by a master guitar player + beautiful vocals by India Arie – oh, and some damn good cello playin’.

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[audio:Guitar-Gently-Weeps.mp3|titles=While My Guitar Gently Weeps (feat. India Arie & Yo-Yo Ma)]

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More Chiddy Bang Mania!

Happiness is a warm gun livin' fully loaded.

I’ve been posting waayyy too much Chiddy Bang over the past month. I feel like I’ve dedicated a blog to them… hint, hint (it’s in the works). But they are too damn good to pass up. With their EP, The Preview, just around the corner, Chiddy’s droppin’ some fine remixes to get the word out.

Their remix of New Zealand’s chart topping “Young Blood”, originally by The Naked & Famous, goes so damn well with Chiddy’s style, especially with Alisa Xayalith’s backup vocals. They also did a cover of Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” for‘s mashup monday – take a look at it below.

I also had to include one last track from their EP that’s droppin’ this next Tuesday (support that shit!). “Bad Day” is […]

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[audio:Young-Blood.mp3,Bad-Day.mp3|titles=Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix),Bad Day (feat. Darwin Deez)]

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Illmerica by Wolfgang Gartner

Support your artists!

Yesterday I saw Wolfgang Gartner post this status on Facebook and it caught my eye (hit up the full article).

We give out mp3’s here for free, but we fully support, and try to get others to support, the musicians we promote. Whether it be through purchasing their music online or the many other alternatives, it’s important to keep the music alive and the artists thriving. Now to the good stuff…

As for the featured song, it’s another bangin’ beat. I featured “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” a couple weeks back and, to be honest, didn’t think I’d see much of him for at least a little while more. But “Illmerica” has surprised me with an even better beat to bump to before the bars (or after). Although I keep mistakenly calling it Illmatic, <3 Nas. View Full Article »

[audio:Illmerica.mp3|titles=Illmerica (Extended Mix)]

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Business Casual by Chromeo

"She says I'm not romantic, I saw she's too dramatic."

I actually just talked about Business Casual at Indie Shuffle, but I wanted to feature ’em here, their music is really hittin’ the spot.

Chromeo’s got this throwback 80’s coolnass, but with an electofunk vibe of today(ish). Their songs are catchy as hell with lyrics that’ll get hammered into your head for days (in a good way). Yea, they can be a little cheesy at times, but I think that’s what adds to their appeal.

I’ve been having a hell of time jamming to three of their songs – “Don’t Turn The Lights On” – which is featured in the Indie Shuffle article – “I Could Be Wrong” & […]

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[audio:I-Could-Be-Wrong.mp3,Night-by-Night.mp3|titles=I Could Be Wrong (Ezra Koenig),Night by Night]

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Do I Do (U-Tern Disco Edit) by Stevie Wonder

"Yes I got some candy kisses for your lips."

I’m finally getting how to find music I like on SoundCloud. The site’s mostly compiled of DJ’s with a lot of new and exciting talents. A lot of it’s experimental and therefor won’t appeal to a large audience, but there’s still a lot of tracks that will, or at least I hope…

U-Tern’s remix of “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder is a fresh edit to a classic. It’s got a good build to it and once it tops off, you can’t help but shakin’ yo booty (I did) or doin’ the “white man’s dance”, as my father pointed out.

I look forward to following this stylish Canadian DJ. I really hope he put’s out more remixes to great R&B legends… Bill Withers!

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[audio:Do-I-Do-U-Tern.mp3|titles=Do I Do (U-Tern Disco Edit)]

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KanYe Outdid Diddy

The next evolution in (mainstream) hip-hop (we're gettin' there).

With all these tracks Kanye is pushing out and his G.O.O.D. music label growing, the man’s becoming a multi-purpose music machine rather than just a top charting hip-hop artist. But unlike Diddy, KanYe is enlisting some of the best acts in hip-hop.

If you take a look at the two’s recently released tracks – KanYe’s “Christian Dior Denim Flow” & Diddy’s “Another One” – you see where hip-hop is growing apart and evolving (at least in some areas). It’s not really about how the beat’s evolving or even the lyrics. That may have a part in it, but it’s mainly how the culture is progressing. For too long hip-hop’s been about […]

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[audio:Christian-Dior-Denim-Flow.mp3,Another-One.mp3|titles=Christian Dior Denim Flow,Another One]

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The Preview by Chiddy Bang

Workin' wonders with Logic 'n' Reason.

When I posted “The Good Life” a couple days back, I wasn’t expecting to listen to The Preview just a few days later. I had no idea at the time that the Australian release was set for October 1.

Last night a buddy of mine from New Zealand hooked me up with a link. I thought he was fucking with me at first, but after sampling the tracks I figured it was legit. The album’s been on repeat since and of course I have mixed reviews (always happens with new albums).

To The Preview and Chiddy Bang’s credit, these guys have come out with two stellar tracks in the past few month “Pass Out” & “The Good Life”, not to mention […]

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[audio:All-Things-Go.mp3,Old-Ways.mp3|titles=All Things Go,Old Ways]

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