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The Preview by Chiddy Bang

Workin' wonders with Logic 'n' Reason.

The Preview by Chiddy Bang

When I posted “The Good Life” a couple days back, I wasn’t expecting to listen to The Preview just a few days later. I had no idea at the time that the Australian release was set for October 1.

Last night a buddy of mine from New Zealand hooked me up with a link. I thought he was fucking with me at first, but after sampling the tracks I figured it was legit. The album’s been on repeat since and of course I have mixed reviews (always happens with new albums).

To The Preview and Chiddy Bang’s credit, these guys have come out with two stellar tracks in the past few months – “Pass Out” & “The Good Life”, not to mention “Opposite of Adults” a few months before that. The Preview does contain the latter two, but it’s still hard to tell if the rest of the album will stack up.

From what I’ve heard so far, there’s definitely some tracks on here that’ll keep the Chiddy Bang mania alive – especially feelin’ “Old Ways” right now. They haven’t all sunk in, yet, so it’s still too early to tell, but I guarantee The Swelly Life will bring these boys to the billboards. Let’s just say I haven’t been this excited about a hip-hop act since CuDi… now wouldn’t that be a sick collab…

Enjoy a couple tracks off The Preview and let me know how they stack up to their previous hits!

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Download: All Things Go | All Things Go
Buy Links: Amazon | Amazon MP3

The Preview:
Release Date: October 1 (Australia), October 10 (NZ), October 11 (UK), October 12 (US) – 2010
Featuring: Pharrell, Q-Tip, Darwin Deez & Mike Bigga

Chiddy Bang:
Genre: Hip-Hop
Styles: Alternative, Electronica, Afrobeat
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Proto (Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege): MC
Xaphoon Jones (Noah Beresin): DJ, Producer
Label: Parlophone Records
Albums: Opposite of Adults
Similar Artists: KiD CuDi | Hoodie Allen | Wale | KanYe West
Links: MySpace | Wikipedia | Facebook | Twitter | | AllMusic


  1. rex says:

    All Things Go and The Opposite of Adults were on their Swelly Express mixtape from many months ago right? Is this album just a special release for Australia with one or two new tracks on it?

    1. aaron says:

      all things go, truth, and oppositeof adults were released in november 2009 on the swelly express. chiddy bangs first mixtape. the preview, which is posted above is for what i know. for the uk usa and australia. probobly for other countries too. bad day, old ways, and the good life were the only other songs released on the preview. so what im expecting is that neighborhood, here we go, and nothin on we will not be released in the u.s. until october 12th when the album drops

  2. All the rest of the tracks were made for this, other than the three mentioned by aaron.
    Here are the other release dates: October 10 (NZ), October 11 (UK), October 12 (US). US iTunes includes an additional track.

    Just noticed that Old Ways beat’s got a little Grindin’ in it.

  3. Erin says:

    Frou Frou- Let Go.


  4. Dennis says:

    A Chiddy Bang & KiD CuDi collab would be unreal.

  5. Chirp says:

    Old Ways contains a sample from Dr. Dog’s “The Old Days”. Sweet.

  6. señor mantizz says:

    i like me that review, i just discover this duo with your video thruth mainwhile watching mtv. xD