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Mike Posner vs Deadmau5

Please Don't Go (DOSVEC Mashup)

This beat was made for Posner’s “Please Don’t Go”. Fuck the original, this one vibes much harder.

There is, however, one thing a little off in the song -at around 3:40 & 6:20 a subtle ring tone sound seems out of place. I asked DOSVEC about it and he told me it wasn’t anything added by him. I checked Deadmau5’s original and it doesn’t seem to be in there either. It does, however, sound like an instrumental coming from Posner’s original, but I’m still not sure.

Other than that slight nuance, it’s a damn chill tune to tune out to.

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[audio:Please-Dont-Go.mp3|titles=Please Don’t Go (DOSVEC Mashup)]

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Lollipop That Juicy Pussy (Lil’ Wayne Rock Cover)

by Framing Hanley - Shorty wanna thug?

I first caught this a year back on The Current. It may be a couple years old, but it’s one of the most well done rock renditions of a hip-hop song.

I’m not one for post-grunge rock or Lil Wayne, for that matter, but Framing Hanley takes Lil Weezy’s original and turns it into a alt rock treat. I will say, however, the extensive amount of covers, remixes and mashups that artists have been doing with Lil Wayne’s originals have been putting his music in a better light.

If you’ve got any good hip-hop to rock covers, post ’em up!

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[audio:Lollipop-That-Juicy-Pussy.mp3|titles=Lollipop That Juicy Pussy (Lil’ Wayne Rock Cover)]

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Flying Overseas by Theophilus London

featuring Devonté Hynes & Solange Knowles

I thought Beyonce had a beautiful voice; but after hearing Solange on this track, I think I’m changing my focus. This beautiful backup makes the song.

“Flying Overseas” is about a Brooklyne native dreaming of traveling the world with a loved one. A fantasy we’ve all had, done well.

Meditate on this mental trip.

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[audio:Flying-Overseas.mp3|titles=Flying Overseas]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam are Everliven Sound

Brother MCs drop their second album together, Freedom II

Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam are brothers (in the literal sense I’m pretty sure) born in the UK to Jamaican parents, and who spent their teenage years in New Jersey. They’ve both managed to go on to become fantastic underground MCs, and go by the name Everliven Sound when they team up. Their second album, Freedom II, dropped back in June, and has become an obsession of mine since I found it a few weeks ago.

To begin with, the two of them are phenomenally talented MCs on their own, and they work together extremely well, something many siblings can only […]

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[audio:Days-Of-Faster.mp3|titles=Days of Faster]

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Wildstyle by Bassnectar

"Can't walk in these shoes cause my Vans is smoldering."

Bassnectar’s Wildstyle EP is jammed with dubstep goodness. A few tracks kill when it comes to the dubstep drop, mainly “Wildstyle Method” & “Underwater”, but one tops ’em all.

“Hot Right Now” made use of some damn fine MCing, one of which is Zumbi of Zion I (who I think sounds like Tech N9ne). The Hip-Hop/Dubstep fusion is starting to make waves, which I expect to swell very soon.

Get it while it’s hot

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[audio:Hot-Right-Now.mp3,Underwater.mp3|titles=Hot Right Now,Underwater]

Two Dangerous Remixes

But which busts better beats?

I’ve been on the search for so many damn remixes and mashups, and a lot of ’em the same songs, that I’ve decided to put a few head-to-head.

First up is a remix to “Dangerous” by Busta Rhymes. KMT’s smooth remix features India Arie that’s made for a chilled out time. I doubt this is what Busta Rhymes originally was going for, but he pulled it off nicely. India Arie is especially what makes this remix… who would of thought.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Big Beats’ remix is a fine dubstep-esque version. Now this is what Busta would be looking for if “Dangerous” was made today. I gotta Party Down to […]

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[audio:Headed-In-The-Dangerous-Direction.mp3,Dangerous-Big-Beats-Mix.mp3|titles=Headed In The Dangerous Direction (KMT Mix),Dangerous (The Big Beats Next Level Mix)]

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A Whole Lotta Love for My Adidas

I had to touch back on Beat Torrent because their second album is suppose to be dropping soon (or was suppose to in October). Here’s a friendly reminder to get that shit out (I promise to promote)!

Short post, my typing has been temporarily handicapped :(

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[audio:My-Adidas-BT-RMX.mp3,Whole-Lotta-Love-BT-RMX.mp3|titles=My Adidas (BT RMX),Whole Lotta Love (BT RMX)]

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Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined

Hip-Hop and Rock, together again.

Bare with me while I get this mashup obsession out of me (if I can).

My latest find is from an LA based mixer, Adrian Champion. Adrian’s idea of mashing up a few White Stripes beats with the top hip-hop MC’s of the last couple decades is a legendary move, but Adrian seems to make it a much bigger point than it actually is.

At the start of each track, he decides to plaster his name and a pretentious oxymoron over each track (sample shown here). We know it’s a legendary idea, but slapping it all over […]

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[audio:Cash-Run.mp3,Turn-It-Up.mp3,Icky-Says.mp3,|titles=Cash Run,Turn It Up,Icky Says]

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New York, LA,…Glasgow?

The Being, some quality hip-hop from the Land of the Scots.

Obviously comparing Glasgow to New York or LA is some serious exaggeration, but I was lucky enough to discover the other day that the city has quite an underground hip-hop scene. I’m sure some of you were already aware of this, but for those of you as clueless as I was, I present by way of introduction The Being.

The Being is a collection of hip-hop artists from Glasgow who met each other at gigs and around town. Their Myspace states that they are “more a stream of consciousness rather than a physical entity”. All the various members have their own albums and mixtapes, but the best way to introduce all of them at once is the […]

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[audio:Bottomless-Pit.mp3,Total-Syndrome.mp3,The-Art-Schools-Dead.mp3|titles=Bottomless Pit, Total Syndrome,The Art Schools Dead]

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Firefly Mansion (DJ Stroke Mix) – 2Pac vs Owl City

"Picture a place that they exist, together.
There has to be a place better than this, in heaven."

If you can get past those annoying vocals from the original “Fireflies”, which thankfully aren’t in “Firefly Mansion”, DJ Stroke puts good use to the “Fireflies” instrumentals, mashing ’em up with a legendary hip-hop track.

Although some of the cuts done by Stroke aren’t top notch, along with the ending – the “Fireflies” instrumentals seems to hit perfectly with 2Pac and Nas’s most memorable moments.

The best part’s gotta be when 2Pac first chimes in with the instrumentals from “Fireflies”, they both drop together […]

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[audio:Firefly-Mansion.mp3|titles=Firefly Mansion]

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