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Even Dirt Off Your Shoulder After All (KMT Mix)

- Jay-Z vs. Finley Quaye -

I’ve become a mashup madman, lately! I’ve found about a half dozen mashups in the last week and I’ll be throwin ’em up on here for the next month.

Now before any of y’all start bitchin’ about how old this is, don’t worry, I’m well aware! But if you haven’t realized yet, I could give a shit how old a song is. If it’s good, I’m gonna post it. And this shit is gooood.

Waterproof London is a dogpile of good smashups. I’ve been simply amazed by some of the good rhymes laid over chill beats. I might end up featuring a couple more […]

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[audio:Even-Dirt.mp3|titles=Even Dirt Off Your Shoulder After All]

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The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green

The Soul Machine is back producing ever sexier souled out sounds.

First hearing about Cee Lo’s new album, I wondered if he could pull it off without Brian Burton (Danger Mouse), who paired up with him for Gnarls Barkley. But then “Fuck You” dropped and I was reassured Cee Lo would be al-fucking-right.

There’s nothing I love hearing more than fuck come out of a soul singer’s voice, but I was still wondering where Cee Lo would take it past this crude and catchy track.

For the rest of The Lady Killer, Cee Lo stops hatin’ and begins the love makin’. Whether the “Old Fashioned” love, physical sensuality or fuckin’ through metaphor, Cee Lo emanates the sex in Soul. There is, however, one song […]

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[audio:Old-Fashioned.mp3,I-Want-You.mp3,Bodies.mp3|titles=Old Fashioned,I Want You,Bodies]

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Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

"Manic depression is searching my soul."

It’s not his drummer boy flow. Or his dark persona. It’s not the puns, pot, press or any of it. What Cudi brings is himself.

When you create something, you create it for yourself. You share it with the world and should expect nothing back.

Welcome to the manic depressive world of Scott Mescudi. Get caught up in his highs and lows. […]

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[audio:Mr-Rager.mp3,GHOST.mp3,All-Along.mp3,Trapped-In-My-Mind.mp3|titles=Mr. Rager,GHOST!,All Along,Trapped in My Mind]

The Best Day by Atmosphere [video]

"Take the bad with the good, now lets play."

When Atmosphere’s latest EP(‘s) dropped a few months back, I planned on posting two of my favorites (that weren’t pre-released), but decided to sit on ’em until the pre-releases’, To All My Friends & Freefallin’, hype died down.

A couple days ago Atmosphere’s team posted a video featuring “The Best Day” on Facebook, which was one of the songs I planned on posting, so I thought this would be a better time than any. The video comprises mostly of live shots from Atmosphere tours and other […]

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[audio:The-Best-Day.mp3,Americareful.mp3|titles=The Best Day, Americareful]

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Chiddy Bang Remixes Dancing With The DJ

It's still swelly, but it ain't Chiddy Bangin - Originally by The Knocks

Someone commented on my last Chiddy Bang post about how the two have been over mixing pop hits and throwing in Proto’s rhymes. I could see where he was coming from, but didn’t think much of it. But after hearing their remix to “Dancing With The DJ”, I was more inclined to speak up.

I fucking love remixes and I fucking love Chiddy Bang, but that doesn’t mean the two have to be inseparable. Xaphoon, we know you can remix some nasty shit, but y’all are hittin’ it big, so choose wisely on what you want your […]

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[audio:The-Knocks-Remix.mp3|titles=Dancing With The DJ (Chiddy Bang Remix)]

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Stay Crunchy by Ronald Jenkees

A YouTube hit that's not by some crazy-ass Vlogger!

The mp3 is crisp, but it ain’t got shit on Jenkee’s YouTube video.

Back in ’08, he threw up a live performance of “Stay Crunchy” on YouTube and has received roughly four million hits since. After taking a look at it, you see why it’s gotten so much hype. Jenkee plays a passionate piece with fervor in those finger tips. I mean look at the man, dude is in the zone!

Enjoy this beast.

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[audio:Stay-Crunchy.mp3|titles=Stay Crunchy]

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Blige Tears Up 2 Tracks on Cudi’s New Album,

Man On The Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Before I give a look at Cudi’s newly released album, I wanted to point out my favorite thing thus far – Mary J. Blige.

Not only does she accompany Cudi on two tracks, but the two bring out a more sophisticated side of his music. He may be known for his introspection, but it seems to be sprinkled with a little less keef for these two tracks, unlike the rest of the album.

Check ’em out and give some thoughts on how you think the duo stacks up.

“So much whiskey all in my liver. I really like the punch it delivers, makes me warm when I high five sinners.”

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[audio:Dont-Play-This-Song.mp3,These-Worries.mp3|titles=Don’t Play This Song (feat. Mary J. Blige),These Worries (feat. Mary J. Blinge)]

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