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Jamie XX BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

"Welcome to the groove. Hope you brought your dancing shoes."

I’m sure you’ve all heard of The XX before, but if you haven’t I’m not sure where you’ve been the past two years. Jamie XX has gone solo after a massive world tour and award winning debut album, and I couldn’t be more excited about the sound he’s creating. His originality really makes it hard to put him in a category, but if I had to I’d say Nu Disco. I’ll let you decide for yourself. He has a few shows booked in the U.K., and I anticipate an electrifying tour around The States in the coming months. This is his most recent mix featured on Pete Tong’s legendary radio show BBC Radio 1. Welcome to the groove. Hope you brought your dancing shoes.

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Jason Gaffner · On and On

We're getting into folk, if only for a song.

My ear for folk music is still in its prepubescent stages, but I try to drop a lil knowledge here & there. So here’s a lil here & there for ya…

Gaffner’s “On and On” reminds me of a song out of a Juno film, but that’s just me stereotyping it because I have nothing else to base it off of. It is, however, such a soothing song with well harmonized vocals […]

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Jay-Z & Kanye West · Niggas In Paris

· · · VOODOO FARM dubstep REMIX · · ·

Caught this in my spam box – don’t know why, maybe you PR peeps need to stop floodin my box (that’s what she said) – but from the start this dubstep remix has done it right. Not only is the bass placed & tuned perfect, but Jay & Yeezy’s lyrics are brought out harder than any other remix has – or the original did. I’ll be bumbin this for daysssss.

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Pmac ·· First Impression

Number one is what Pmac is going for..

Hailing out of South San Francisco, Pmac has been making waves on YouTube since his release of his cover of B.o.B’s “Nothing On You” re-titled as “Nothing on Me” but it didn’t stop there. He soon finished his debut mixtape First Impression, which has quickly made its rounds on the internet. The lead single “One” has accumulated well over 300,000 views since its release and he has continued the promotion of the mixtape by releasling weekly DIY music videos of other songs featured on the mixtape on […]

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SoundKlout 29 : ill-esha

Sexiest producer in the Pacific Northwest

Really don’t want to belabor this point, but I’ve finally found a female producer to show off! As many female musicians as we’ve featured on here, I rarely come by a producer, let alone a top-notch one! Now we get one that not only produces some heeaaavy electronic, but switches up her style every damn time. From dubstep to downtempo, ill-esha’s production is mighty fine.

One issue I had with her SoundCloud page is her abundance of clips, although a lot of them seemed complete. I’ve included some of my favorite clips at the bottom, now I gotta go hunt some of their full versions down.

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Jay-Z & Kanye West · Otis (A.Skillz Remix)

"That's the anthem get ya damn hands UP."

Put a little wobble to that swag and we get A.Skillz remix of “Otis”. Can’t say I was the biggest fan of the original – I think Otis was in need of some funkedout wobble. Plus, I’m never one to resist an A.Skillz remix. He’s a genYus.

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The White Panda · Mo Free Mo Fallin’

Notorious B.I.G. mashed up with Tom Petty

Always down for a good hip-hop // classic rock mashup. Love the vibes comin from Petty, plus we get those Bad Boy rhymes on top! Can’t say that I like Petty’s chorus tied in with the raps, but it’s still a solid rock out.

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[audio:Mo-Fallin.mp3|titles=Mo Free Mo Fallin’ (Notorious B.I.G. // Tom Petty Mashup)]

Figure · Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)

Perfect treat for the Halloween season!

Oh man! does this bring back memories. And what a quality dubmix to put it all together. Figure has done just what I like in a dubstep remix, sticked to the original tune and made it all the more devilish. A perfect treat just in time for Halloween season!

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[audio:Beetlejuice-Dubstep.mp3|titles=Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)]

Flight Facilities · Foreign Language (Beni Remix)

"And do the two-step all night."

I’ve been obsessed with this little tune ever since Abi posted it. Now we get a remix from Beni with a nice lil bass number. Solid remix up until the end – gets a little weird (you’ll know when it hits). Otherwise, as enjoyable as the original.

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SoundKlout 28 : Kap Slap


Just another pop masher NO! Kap Slap takes the pop and mashes it up with the biggest names in dance music making for some well tuned RAGERS. From House to Dubstep, this guy can really pop it off with these pop stars. Though, it would be nice if he went to the underground scene a little, eh

A Slappin Good Time »