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Jason Gaffner · On and On

We're getting into folk, if only for a song.

My ear for folk music is still in its prepubescent stages, but I try to drop a lil knowledge here & there. So here’s a lil here & there for ya…

Gaffner’s “On and On” reminds me of a song out of a Juno film, but that’s just me stereotyping it because I have nothing else to base it off of. It is, however, such a soothing song with well harmonized vocals.

Would love to hear all of your opinions on this, especially those more into the genre than me. To those who are, I also just listened to a cover Jose Gonzalez did of “Heartbeats” and , to be honest, the two sound quite similar to me (hence the Juno line). Is that just how this style works or is it something that opens up more once you get into it?

Jason Gaffner
Genre: Rock, Soul, Pop
Location: San Francisco, California
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Jason Gaffner