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Stigmah · King of Arcades

"If you're dreams are being a player, I'm ready to destroy it."

Stigmah comes on strong at first, but soon after you realize his flow in “King of Arcades” is fairly laid-back for such an intense beat. His rocked-out sound may be the first thing to catch your ear, but the wordplay with his gamer theme is what’ll keep ya. Stigmah weaves tales between reality and the digital world and makes flowing sound so damn easy.

It’s good to hear some quality rap coming from the South. Never been much a fan before, but as far as the underground hip-hop scene is goin, it’s gainin some real attention over here… well, really only in Atlanta, but it’s a good start.

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[audio:King-Of-Arcades.mp3|titles=King of Arcades]

Headnodic ·· Red Line Radio

Bringin those smooth West Coast vocals back.

Headnodic knows his West Coast MC’s and he’s gettin the best of ’em on his newly released album, Red Line Radio. Surprisingly though, this isn’t what made the album, Headnodic’s production and ability to build something around the vocalist sets this above any ordinary mix of some of my favorite MC’s. Not only that, my favorite track isn’t by the classic MC’s I grew up on, but Ms. Destani Wolf.

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[audio:Surgeon-General.mp3|titles=Surgeon General]

Rollz · Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix)

Just a liiiil' taste for what's to come...

I may get into a little trouble for this, but I couldn’t sit on it any longer. I’ve been listening to Bassnectar’s upcoming album, Divergent Spectrum, for just around a week and it’s fuck.ing goood. I’m not gonna get into the whole thing quite yet, but damn does his remix of “Plugged In” screeeeeaaamm. Actually reminds me of my recent post on Minnesota, where I talk about dubstep lacking in “catchy melodies”. Not only does this catch, but a grip of others do too in quite different ways – especially the melodic dubstep towards the end.

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Minnesota ·· Ancient Machines

'cause even Bass Music needs some catch.

Ancient Machines has something seldom seen in dubstep, a catchy melody. As far as bass music goes, it’s right after having a killer drop, but isn’t all that focused on, at least from what I’ve heard. Minnesota, however, has kept up his melodic tunes in his latest release, Ancient Machines, with three tracks that got a catch with a little finesse – especially “Breathe”.. but best drop goes to “Hold Up”.

So hit up the SoundCloud player below and buy ’em if ya like ’em (fair asking price too).

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[audio:Hold-Up.mp3|titles=Hold Up]

Kreayshawn vs Flux Pavilion · Gucci Can’t Stop

To kickoff DOSVEC's Dubstep Mixtape

Kicking off DOSVEC’s upcoming dubstep // mashup mixtape, DIFF – set to release late next month – we’ve got a swagged-out mashup of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” and Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop”. This shit hits from the top and swags to the bottom with a grimey mix of the two.

The only issue I’ve got with the mashup is it uses the censored version of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”. So if you listenin in Kreayshawn, hit us up with the uncensored so we can get this shit straight proper.

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Mavado · Delilah (Diplo Remix)

WOBBwobbWOBBLE that Reggae

I don’t hear enough wobble remixes of reggae music, but Diplo just dropped a remix of Mavado’s “Delilah” with just enough wobble for this reggae pophall star.

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[audio:Delilah.mp3|titles=Delilah (Diplo Remix)]

DCarls ·· Flavorhythm EP

I can't believe this kid is only 19...

Not a real fan of the first track, but from there it’s nothin but glitchy goodness. DCarls’ Flavorhythm EP is a smooth blend of glitch hop, dubstep and straight up shit to rage to. Unlike a lot of the dubstep I’ve been digging around in, Dcarls puts a catch to his electro-finesse without losing that grimey dubstep nonsense we’ve all some of us have grown to love.

Can’t wait for more from this dude and the Simplify Recordings, big tings.

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[audio:Ice-Breaker.mp3|titles=Ice Breaker]

Mashup-Germany · I’m Gonna Make You Sweat

"You girls will never know, how you make a boy feel"

There’s one “hawt” theme throughout this track (I’m really lackin’ in creativity right now). Good samples used and quality production – nothin new for Mashup-Germany. Though, it’s 95 degrees here, so just about anything is gonna “make me sweat”.

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[audio:Make-You-Sweat.mp3|titles=I’m Gonna Make You Sweat]

Logic (feat. Camille Michelle Gray) · Mind of Logic

"When will the fantasy end, When will the heaven begin.." - Kid Cudi

The Maryland native, Logic, may be unknown to many at the moment but that soon will change. With a flow of a hungry artist and the backing of the same group that brought up Tayyib Ali, he is sure to be buzzing on the internet in no time.

His first big unveiling comes with his music video for “Mind of Logic” featuring the beautiful Camille Michelle Gray on the hook. The instrumental has the qualities of a hit similar to B.o.B’s “Nothin On You” but faster paced. My favorite part of the song goes to the chorus perfectly executed by Camille. Borrowing lines from Kid Cudi’s […]

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[audio:https://silencenogood.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/07-Mind-Of-Logic-Feat.-Camille-Gray.mp3|artists=Logic|titles=Mind Of Logic Feat. Camille Michelle Gray]

Minnesota · Sun Burst

with a possible EP on the way.

Not enough dubstep touches on the highs, but thankfully Minnesota provides us with just that. “Sun Burst” is a bass driven set with what sounds like bowl hitting bumps along the way. My favorite thang, however, goes to those electro-guitar sounding licks that play throughout – they complement the bass so well.

Side note, Minnesota put up cover art for something soon to come on his Facebook (also pictured above), Ancient Machines – anyone know what that is EP possibly

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[audio:Sun-Burst.mp3|titles=Sun Burst]