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Boy and Bear · Mexican Mavis (Snapdragons Remix)

Cause who doesn't love retro remixessss!

Half way through this damn post I find out that LooseL!ps already posted it like centuries ago. I thought I was gonna be the hip/cool cat that got this out there :(

Well, I’ll post it anyway – love me some 80’s synth-pop and Boy and Bear’s vocals are mixed in nicely. I guess this is another lesson in organizing my music/being more timely with my posts. I’ll learn some day…

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[audio:Mexican-Mavis-Remix.mp3|titles=Mexican Mavis (Snapdragons Remix)]

Smokey Robotic Makes Superfuturistic Music

And another lesson learned thanks to Lindsay Lohan

Smokey Robotic & Lindsay Lohan taught me an important lesson in listening to music – keep track of your shit!

I hit up the Smokobotic’s “Forever My Love” a few weeks back, thought it was a chill track, but it eventually fell into my never ending pile of music (<3). When I found out that Ms. Lohan tweeted a video of theirs, I thought- no shit. So I checked it out and it sounded familiar right away, soon after realizing it was the track I listened to […]

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[audio:Forever-My-Love.mp3|titles=Forever My Love]

Rage Against the Machine · Testify

··· Beef Theatre REMIXXX ···

With any remix, incorporating the original beat is usually a good thang. Deviate as much as you want, but keeping to what made the original so great will appeal to the fans most.

In Beef Theatre’s remix of “Testify”, the track is revVed up with an electro-dance vibe and crossed over with de la Rocha’s rock-preached rhymes – yet still keeps to the original beat, making it so damn easy to rock out to. Love this rock classic electroFIED!

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[audio:Testify-Remix.mp3|titles=Testify (Beef Theatre Remix)]

Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 5)

The best of the BEST (of the best)

Going over this five part series, it’s pretty obvious that hip-hop was the kickstart into my fasciation with music. I had a lot of love and appreciation for classic rock back in the day, but never enough to do anything about it. Discovering music in the underground scene made me realize that not all good music gets promoted, and since my monetary support lacked, I thought I could help in another way.

I hope you enjoy each and every artist on here and make sure to support the ones you appreciate in any way possible. We are their future.

To the BEST »

[audio:Visions-Of-U.mp3|titles=Visions of U]

Last Song in Futurama’s “Leela’s Homeworld” Episode

"Baby Love Child" by Pizzicato Five

In a recent Futurama DVR, I caught the fourth season’s “Leela’s Homework” episode for the second time. In the closing sequence, you find out that Leela’s parents had been watching over her ever since she was a child, unbeknownst to her (she was put in an orphanage).

Check out the scene in the full article – it features the song “Baby Love Child” by Pizzicato Five. The first time I heard the song I was real humbled by how well it expressed the sentiment of Lela’s parents. I love music in television! (and movies)

Other than producing music, my dream job would be to find music – or produce it – for the screen (which I’m sure is a lot of other people’s).

Check out the Clip »

[audio:Baby-Love-Child.mp3|titles=Baby Love Child]

Daft Beatles · A Day in the Wonderwall

The Beatles - "A Day in the Life" vs. Oasis - "Wonderwall"


Daft Beatles (Jonas C) put this up when he posted his demo version of “A Day in the Wonderwall” – an Oasis // Beatles mashup – and I couldn’t agree with the quote more. Lennon’s voice goes perfectly with this tune and mixes well with Liam Gallagher’s. But as much as I enjoyed it, the track still has some kinks to work out […]

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[audio:Day-in-Wonderwall.mp3|titles=A Day in the Wonderwall (The Beatles // Oasis Mashup)]

Outkast · The Rooster (Love and Light Remix)

I think that Southern Crunk needed a little Lazer Love

First caught wind of Love and Light from 4centers’ remix of “Eleanor Rigby” (too fuckin’ good). Since then I’ve been following the duo make electro magic, most recently with their remix of Outkast’s “The Rooster”.

I usually criticize electro-remixes for straying too far from the original, but that’s exactly what I love about their “Rooster” remix. It still brings nice touches from the original, but pulls it up far beyond its initially intent. Well done, sirs.

One other good hit »

[audio:The-Rooster.mp3|titles=The Rooster (Love and Light Remix)]

Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 4)

The San Francisco Bay Arrreeeeeaaa

In the music that got me blogging about music series, we’ve gone from the Midwest all the way to Japan and all along the West Coast. Now, we focus on one of the most influential hip-hop areas around, The Bay Area.

As small as The Bay Area is compared to any other area I’ve covered, it’s definitely rich with the best hip-hop around. I could’ve made a top 25 bay area groups, but that would’ve been a little much. This top 5 (or so), however, is some of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time. There’s no doubt that the Bay Area is the heart of my hip-hop listening.

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[audio:Lady-Dont-Tek-No.mp3,If-I-May.mp3|titles=Lady Don’t Tek No,If I May]

Steddy P & DJ Mahf ·· What Happened Tomorrow

Some of that Midwest fresh shit

I didn’t realize how much Steddy P sounded like The Grouch until I started playing their tracks head to head (gotta little Tech N9ne in their too). Style-wise it’s more like The Grouch, but I can’t really pin exactly why – it’s that calm, cool, collected sound, but something more specific. Whatever it is, I’m definitely feelin it.

Steddy P’s recently released LP, What Happened Tomorrow, has got more than a few solid tracks. “Pours Out”, the third track on the album, was what originally caught my ear. With a ‘steady’ rap flow and well harmonized backup vocals, Steddy brings more fresh to the Midwest. Dude can really can carry a tune.

Check out What Happened Tomorrow on Bandcamp and throw us back some thoughts.

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[audio:Pours-Out.mp3|titles=Pours Out]

The White Panda Extend 3 Pandamonium Tracks

Hip-Hop was made for mashing, as these Pandas can attest!

The Panda’s bring us three hip-hop induced mashes from their Pandamonium, extended for our raging pleasure.

My first choice out of the extended is Birdman’s “Money to Blow”, remixed to bottles-popped perfection.

Listen to the Tracks »

[audio:Girls-To-Blow.mp3|titles=Girls to Blow]