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Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 5)

The best of the BEST (of the best)

Going over this five part series, it’s pretty obvious that hip-hop was the kickstart into my fasciation with music. I had a lot of love and appreciation for classic rock back in the day, but never enough to do anything about it. Discovering music in the underground scene made me realize that not all good music gets promoted, and since my monetary support lacked, I thought I could help in another way.

I hope you enjoy each and every artist on here and make sure to support the ones you appreciate in any way possible. We are their future.

DJ Frane

If I had to credit one group, person or whatever for getting me into this blogging thang, it would no doubt be DJ Frane. He’s defined a genre for me – which others on this list have also done – but more importantly was the first to show me there’s some real talent out there that desperately needs some attention.

Check out his three-part series on Beats to Blaze to – trust me, they’re more than just “beats to blaze to” – and let’s try to make this three parter into a four.

[audio:Visions-Of-U.mp3|titles=Visions of U]
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I listen to a fair amount of Jazz (nu jazz) from Japan, but none who blend it better with rap than Nujabes. I love the crossovers that hip-hop has taken into basically all styles of music, but Jazz will always be my first love.

Nujabes may not have altered music here in the states as he did in Japan, but his following sure as hell will.
Rest in Peace, Nujabes.

[audio:Think-Different.mp3|titles=Think Different (feat. Substantial)]
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Jurassic 5

Freshman year of college I was still trying to figure out if I’d ever get into hip-hop other than the occasional mainstream listen – J5 was that intro I needed. I remember thinking, this is the shit I’ve been waiting for.

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Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM)

I love how every time I show someone RPM they have no idea who these guys are, but instantly love ’em as much as I do. Even my father, who really doesn’t get the whole “rap thing” or really anything after The Beatles, still appreciated their sound. This is the reason I blog!

“Sleep Walkers” is still my most played song to date, with a play count hitting… too much (honestly)

[audio:SleepWalkers.mp3|titles=Sleep Walkers]
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Deltron 3030

This may only be an album (for now), but it’s one of my favorites of all time. It took a genre I was only starting to understand (hip-hop) and blended it with one I never knew existed (trip hop). Shit, this even goes far beyond the two genres – it’s a prophetic journey into the fucked up Deltronian future.

Event II is almost here!

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