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An Unofficial Collection of Pretty Lights Pop Remixes

Electro City may not be official, but it still has PL written all over it

Before we lay Electro City to rest, we still have the final track to bring in the New Year! With one of the best flows to ever hit the remix community, Timbaland tears it up with on this Pretty Lights track.

In this remix-mashup, PL samples Timbaland’s “Give It to Me” & Animotion’s pop hit, “Obsession”. I actually noticed that an instrumental in Animotion’s “Obsession” was sampled in Nine Inch Nails “Closer”, that instrumental always defined “Closer” for me. Anyone else ever notice that Just a little something I found interesting in my research into these 5 set of songs.

One thing I’ve also been wondering is why PL never released […]

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[audio:|titles=Piano Man (feat. Timbaland & Animotion)]

Electro City, Not As Official As We Would’ve Liked..

Least we got a little Luda to brighten the light.

Late last night I was contacted by an employee of Pretty Lights Music informing me that Electro City was, in fact, never an official album (released or otherwise).

When I first started researching this EP, I had a feeling it may not have actually been compiled by PL, but I did know this – these tracks were produced by him. So I thought I’d get ’em out there hoping to stir up a conversation and, in the least, let as many people know about these amazing set of songs as possible – not giving much thought on whether Pretty Lights or just some random fool compiled them. In the end, these tracks were too damn good to not […]

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[audio:Toxic.mp3|titles=Toxic (feat. Ludacris & Yael Naim)]

Pretty Lights Remixes Prince

Let's do The Walk

As we continue our countdown to New Years with Pretty Lights’ unreleased EP, Electro City, I decided to skip the third track, not because it isn’t good, but because it’s so damn good that I’m saving it for last. So, on to track #4…

When I first started listening to Pretty Lights’ “Everybody Walk”, my first reaction was “no fucking way! PL just remixed some Prince” – I always thought they would make a sick combo. Prince’s original, “The Walk”, features a group known as The Time and as fresh of a remix as it is, this shit gets hardcore 80’s (or early 90’s) in the end – ya gotta hear it to believe it (@ ~4:40). It’ good for a laugh, though, and makes the song that much better to do “The Walk” to.

Have fun with this and get ready for two even greater tracks to do “The Walk” to.. or, well, to dance to on New Years Eve!

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[audio:|titles=Everybody Walk (feat. Prince & The Time)]

It’s Going Down with Pretty Lights

Shit's. Going. Down.

Pretty Light’s never released 5-track EP, titled Electro City, is turning into a 24-track behemoth of unreleased goodnass. While researching Electro City, I found another pile of unreleased tracks by PL. The validity of it is still up in the air, so i’ll continue with the original countdown and release the others if enough people hit us back with some feedback.

As for the good stuff, our next track features Yung Joc and offers up the same name as Joc’s original, “It’s Going Down”. I gotta say it’s not the best track on the EP, but the next few to come are hard to beat. Nevertheless, Pretty Lights remix of “It’s Going Down” goes well with Joc’s rhymes and what appears to be vocals originally by Shannon from “Give Me Tonight” (I still can’t believe Shazam picked that up!) […]

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[audio:Its-Going-Down.mp3|titles=It’s Going Down]

A Pretty Lights Countdown to the New Year

featuring an unreleased Pretty Lights EP

When I first started obsessing about Pretty Lights earlier this year, I went and downloaded anything I could of his. One thing I forgot to do was actually listen to them all. Fortunately, I’m becoming more organized (in one way).

What I unearthed was a 5-track EP titled Electro City that Derek Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights), apparently, never released. The version I found were unnamed tracks, but I did a little digging around and found what their names were (well, 4/5 so far).

The first track I present to you is “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” featuring Kanye West & what sounds like Prince. Make sure to check back in, they just keep getting better from here. Start preparing for the New Year :)

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[audio:Better-Than.mp3|titles=Better Than I’ve Ever Been]

The Fall by Gorillaz

A cross country set just in time for the holidays.

The Fall was released yesterday, ending the Gorillaz Advent calendar. The album was created by the Gorillaz while on tour, with each track representing a stop on the way.

I’ve heard a few people criticize the album for its unusual take on the Gorillaz sound. Its minimal, electro dominated tracks may be a slight variance to the usual, but their ability to blend and create new styles is what made them so great in the first place. It may be difficult to vibe with this right now, but like all of their music, it just takes some time to get use to. A few, however, have sparked my interest so far […]

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[audio:Amarillo.mp3,Bobby-In-Phoenix.mp3|titles=Amarillo,Bobby in Phoenix]

Red Wine Rebelution by Funk Ferret

The Informer smashed on some some red, red wine.

I’m a sucker for anything J5, so when I heard they were mashed in Funk Ferret’s mix of UB40’s “Red Red Wine” & Snow’s “Informer”, I had to see how well J5’s rhymes would do over this reggae beat.

Funk Ferret describes “Red Wine Rebelution” as a dancefloor filler with a heavy breakbeat and a powerful bassline – couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m not a huge fan of mashups with anything over three or so artists, but Funk Ferret seamlessly layers them all together, giving off a cohesive vibe rather than a jumbled, overly sampled mashup – which I find a lot.

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Like a G6 Remixes

Jesse James vs DJ Philistine vs Disco Fries vs Basic Physics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (and it’d have to be a rock without access to the internet or mainstream radio), you’ll have been exposed to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6“. Love it or hate it, well, that doesn’t matter – it’s topped charts everywhere. Personally, when I first listened to it (unaware of the hit it was to become), I thought it was catchy enough, but it was relatively uninspiring, and grew old after a few listens. It was banished to my music library wasteland that is “three stars”. Well, it become a hit, and with any huge hit, comes a shitload of remixes […]

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[audio:LikeaG6JesseJamzRemix.mp3,LikeaG6DJPhilistineRemix.mp3,LikeaG6DiscoFriesRemix.mp3,GhostsonaG6.mp3|titles=Like a G6 (Jesse Jamz Remix),Like a G6 (DJ Philistine Remix),Like a G6 (Disco Fries Remix),Ghosts on a G6 (Basic Physics Mashup)]

Chiddy Bang featured on Need for Speed

Opposite of Adults in Hot Pursuit!

This may be old news to you Chiddy Bang fans, but damn did I get excited when I heard them on the television. Chiddy Bang was recently featured on a Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit commercial. The commercial features Chiddy’s relatively known remix of MGMT’s “Kids”, appropriately titled “Opposite of Adults.”

The videogame clip wasn’t all that impressive considering just the game, but hearing Chiddy over the clip got me going – it’s nice to see someone you’ve supported over the last year actually get some notoriety. I’ve said this in many past posts on Chiddy, these guys have so much potential, I just hope they keep up with […]

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[audio:Opposite-Of-Adults.mp3|titles=Opposite of Adults]

The Next Best Thing to Pretty Lights

Diamonds and Glass EP by Archnemesis

Tell me this doesn’t sound like something Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights would do. It sounds so damn Pretty Lights that I was a little skeptical that it may be, at first. There are, however, a few minor differences.

Archnemesis’ Diamonds and Glass EP is a rich sampled set of songs. One of the main differences that set them apart from PL is their use of pop hip-hop samples. You see this a lot in sampling artists, but as much as Pretty Lights samples, he usually doesn’t go with the mainstream hip-hop. I can’t say I prefer one over the other, but the next difference is what sets Archnemesis just a slot below PL […]

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[audio:Its-My-Turn.mp3,Diamonds-and-Glass.mp3,One-More-Try.mp3|titles=It’s My Turn,Diamonds and Glass,One More Try]

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