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C.R.E.A.M Theme (The Hood Internet Mashup)

- Wu-Tang Clan vs Javelin -

C.R.E.A.M may not have been the most original track to mash, but Javelin’s “Intervales Theme” is one fun beat for the Wu Tang flow. It sure can’t beat the original, but I love hearing a new vibe to a long loved classic.

Have fun with this and make sure to check out more Hood Internet’s work, they’ve whipped up some other fine mashes.

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[audio:CREAM-Theme.mp3|titles=C.R.E.A.M Theme]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Fool’s Gold vs NASA – Surprise Gift (team9 mashup)

featuring Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li

A few months back I ran into this mashup by team9 on Racecar Spacecar, and my first thoughts were “this dude sounds like Kanye” (I actually commented in the post). I assumed since the track featured N.A.S.A, it was just some dude that sounded a hell of a lot like Kanye. But I knew I must’ve been mistaken, so I digged around a little.

Apparently, team9 & Stereogum have been teaming up for the past couple of years to create a mashup of that year’s hit tracks. In 2009, they mashup “Surprise Hotel” by Fool’s Gold with N.A.S.A’s “Gift”, which features… you guessed it, Kanye West.

Enjoy this mashup packed with many good musicians. Also make sure to lookout for the 2010 set, which may drop soon – the 2009 dropped around this time last year – depending on if they release one this year.

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[audio:|titles=Surprise Gift]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Reggae Wayne vs. Electro Weezy

Stunnin' with The Wailers, Pretty Lights & Phoenix

After putting two Busta Rhymes “Dangerous” remixes against each other, I knew I had enough remixes stockpiled to do another. I’ve never been a Lil’ Wayne fan, but mash him up with some of the best and ya can’t hate on something so gooood.

It may’ve taken Bob Marley & Pretty Lights to get me listening to him, but damn does Weezy flow well to these. I’m not gonna say which I like better, yet, but both bring out a different side to him – one for smokin’, one for ragin’ – well, I guess both are good for either, but you know what I mean. If you want me to tell ya my favorite of the two, post in the comments below and I may just do that.

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[audio:No-Stunnin-No-Cry.mp3,Stuntin-With-A-Milli.mp3|titles=No Stunnin’ No Cry,Stuntin’ With A Milli]

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Up From Low (Busta Remix), Originally by Rench

Country gone Electronic?.. well, kinda/not really.

My favorite Alt Rock groups usually incorporate electronic instrumentals, but this is my first Country singer with an electro remix that I liked. I honestly couldn’t tell that Rench’s original, “Up From Low”, was a Country song, though I doubt most can. His voice actually reminds me of Damon Albarn’s of Gorillaz & Blur, probably because the mix of a detached, tripped-out vocalist with electro instrumentals was pretty much perfected by the guy.

As for what Busta has given to Rench’s vocals, he’s done a job on the original and has created something I’m sure Rench would never have imagined. I wouldn’t consider this dubstep, but it definitely has […]

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Boombox (Datsik Remix) by Bassnectar

This is some eerie shit!

I feel like I have a dubstep addiction. For the last month or so we’ve been flooded with dubstep, remixes or a combination of the two. Not that I’m sick of it, but we’ve got so much other shit in our backlog and somehow dubstep keeps floating to the top.

Well, at the very top of the list is Datsik’s remix of “Boombox”, originally by Bassnectar. My first impression was that it was just another industrial grimer that went off on those dubstep tangents I […]

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[audio:Boombox.mp3|titles=Boombox (Datsik Remix)]

The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixxx)

A tribute to John Lennon

Last night I went to First Avenue in Minneapolis and saw a group cover John Lennon for the memorial of his death 30 years ago. It was a little more lively than I thought a bunch of 60 year olds would be, but it was a hell of a time.

So I decided to do a little tribute myself by collecting the best Mixes & Mashes of his work with The Beatles, as well as his solo work. Until that’s complete, here’s one of the best dubstep remixes I’ve ever heard, Beatles or otherwise […]

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[audio:Eleanor-Rigby-4centers-Remix.mp3|titles=Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixxx)]

(Download Link in Full Article)

Songs from Louie’s Season 1 Finale

Let's find this shit!

I first caught Louis C.K. on his HBO show, Lucky Louie, when it debuted back in ’06. It wasn’t my favorite show to hit HBO, but the two main characters, Louie C.K. & Pamela Adlon (now on Californication), made a good match. The show was canceled after its first season, but was picked up by FX last year.

The show was revamped for FX, straying away from the sitcom (thank god) and going for a more realistic look at the sarcastic downfalls of a comedian – not far off from Curb. The backstory also changed with Louie as a newly divorced father of two young girls.

The first season’s finale wrapped up in September and caught my attention for this article, not just for the story, but more for the music that accompanied it. Two songs feature that caught my attention […]

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Times Like These Acoustic by Foo Fighters

In need of an acoustic timeout.

I’ve been in need of a break from all the electronic I’ve been posting lately. So I thought a classic gone acoustic would do it right.

Foo Fighters’ acoustic version of “Times Like These”, at first, reminded me of Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack – the acoustic guitar reminds me of scenes of the wild now. But after the first few seconds Dave Grohl takes over with that soothing voice of his.

I’ve never been much of a Foo Fighters fan, or Nirvana for that matter (Pearl Jam fan), but this acoustic version […]

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Melvin by Funkanomics (feat. Timbaland)

Who can get it crunk like me, Timbaland?

At the school of Funkanomics, Timbaland is head of the GhettoFunk department. (eh, I tried)

From the first beat, Funkanomics’ “Melvin” fulfilled my funkelic needs. But when Timbaland dropped in, he took the track to a whole new level. Timba needs to lean on funk a little more, beatwise, hopefully this will open up his ears to it.

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The Time (Zedd Remix) – The Black Eyed Peas

Move over Pop, it's Remix time.

I’m not the biggest pop fan, but I do love me some pop remixes – Zedd’s remix of “The Time” being my latest obsession.

The intro & outro don’t seem finished yet, but everything in-between is party bona fide. is one hell of a producer, but Zedd out gamed him on this one.

Look out for more pop remixes in the works… can’t wait to post ’em! can you (Timbaland’s most likely up next)

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