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Like a G6 Remixes

Jesse James vs DJ Philistine vs Disco Fries vs Basic Physics

Like a G6 by Far East Movement ft. Cataracs & Dev

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (and it’d have to be a rock without access to the internet or mainstream radio), you’ll have been exposed to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6“. Love it or hate it, it’s topped charts everywhere.

Personally, when I first listened to it (unaware of the hit it was to become), I thought it was catchy enough, but it was relatively uninspiring, and grew old after a few listens. It was banished to my music library wasteland that is “three stars”. Well, it’s become a hit, and with any huge hit, comes a shitload of remixes. “Like a G6” is no exception – there’s a ton of ’em, so there’s no excuse not to find at least one to fall in love with. Here’s some of my favorites:

Jesse Jamz Remix
[audio:LikeaG6JesseJamzRemix.mp3|titles=Like a G6 (Jesse Jamz Remix)]

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It was clear that “Like a G6” was gonna be a club hit. But with even more of a club vibe is Jesse Jamz’ remix, with a juicy, juicy bassline that makes you want to get under a strobe and aggressively lose control.

DJ Philistine Remix
[audio:LikeaG6DJPhilistineRemix.mp3|titles=Like a G6 (DJ Philistine Remix)]

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Who would’ve thought that “Like a G6” could have been a sad song? DJ Philistine did, apparently, and I’m glad that they did. I’m a sucker for sparse piano, and I’m even more of a sucker for sparse piano that breaks down into complimentary dubstep.

Disco Fries Remix
[audio:LikeaG6DiscoFriesRemix.mp3|titles=Like a G6 (Disco Fries Remix)]

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Probably the most unchanged from the original, but one of my favorites none the less. Essentially, the bassline is much filthier, distorted and heavy – and actually ascends to climaxes instead of just being there. There’s also some nifty synth in the interludes, adding a little bit of eeriness.

Basic Physics Mashup
[audio:GhostsonaG6.mp3|titles=Ghosts on a G6 (Basic Physics Mashup)]

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If there was one thing the original had, it was catchy funky swagga bass. Something DeadMau5’s track “Ghosts N Stuff” also had. I guess that’s why they fit so well together.

Jesse Jamz:
Genre: Electronica
Styles: House, Grind, Thrash, Techno
Name: Jesse See Tai
Label: Sex Cult
Links: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

DJ Philistine:
Genre: Electro
Styles: Dubstep, Lo-Fi, House, Mashup
Origin: Trinity College
Label: Unsigned
Links: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter |

Disco Fries:
Genre: Electro
Styles: House, Disco, Techno
Members: Danny “Danger” Boselovic, Nick “Piklz” Ditri
Origin: Berklee College of Music, Boston
Label: Arkatone Music
Links: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Basic Physics:
Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop
Members: Alex Syse and Eric Mitchell
Origin: Madison, WI / Minneapolis, MN
Label: Unsigned
Links: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube |

Like these? I run another music blog, DJ Silkworm, which has more electronica, remixes and both.