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Atmosphere ·· The Family Sign

with a look at the family's therapy sessions

The Family Sign brings an intimate look into the members of Atmosphere. In their recent video therapy sessions, the group sits down with Dr. Ralph Borka and hashes out some of the issues they’ve had as a group over the years. However, the real sentiment lies is in their seventh studio album, where Slug dives into his life as an aging emcee and the group, more than ever, shows where their roots truly lie.

The most noticeable change in The Family Sign is Slug’s style. Many have criticized it, claiming he’s lost his edge over the past few years. As true as this may be, when you’re almost hitting on 40, edgy may not be what you’re going for. But with the loss of a youthful arrogance, a more humble emcee emerged, expressing the sentimental side of Sean and pushing the group in a different direction. But as fresh as their new style is, it still relies on the place that made them so great.

We all know Slug is know for his Minnesota love, but The Family Sign, more than ever, is a true ode to MN. The album shows clear Minnesota ties through its themes and choice of instrumentals, but more importantly is a representation of the Twin Cities’ growing scene. Atmosphere may be the most influential group in the area right now, but they’re only at the tip of the Minnesota music culture.

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[audio:I-Dont-Need-Brighter-Days.mp3,Something-So.mp3,Who-Ill-Never-Be.mp3|titles=I Don’t Need Brighter Days,Something So,Who I’ll Never Be]

Tron Legacy Remixes // Not the Reconfigured

My top three picks and a bunch of "Derezzed" RMX's

A few weeks back I heard the Tron Legacy Reconfigured album with some of the most respected artists in the electronic scene. A few of the tracks were redone even better than their original, but the album as a whole was a little disappointing. Mostly because I hyped it up so much, but also because the talent didn’t stack up to their name. So I dug around SoundCloud, The Hype Machine and a few blogs to find some remixes that competed with the Reconfigured.

Well, I found three tracks that I really enjoyed and a bunch of “Derezzed” remixes – definitely the most remixed choice. I gotta say, scrounging around for remixes to Daft Punk’s stellar soundtrack gave me a little more respect for the Reconfigured. There’s a lot of shit remixes out there and although the Reconfigured may not have blown Daft Punk away, they still gave a quality switch to Daft Punk’s electro-masterpiece.

Anyways, check out the remixes I uncovered and hit me up with what you think. If you found any better, I’ll make sure to post those up, as well! + if some of you hit us up with your opinions, I’ll bundle all of the MP3’s together for d/l.

Check out the tracks »

[audio:End-Of-Line-Meridian.mp3|titles=End of Line (Meridian Remix)]

Jason Falkner · Only You (Zeds Dead Remix)

Hardly recognizable from its original (in a good way)

We’ve seen a crop of new tracks sprout up from Zeds Dead over the past few days and I doubt this is the last.

Zeds Dead’s remix of Faulkner’s well-known classic wasn’t that recognizable to me at first, but I had the aha! moment a few plays in. It does, however, give a healthy dose of finely-tune electric-lazers ( – what would you call it) with a few grinds to it equal out.

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[audio:Only-You.mp3|titles=Only You (Zeds Dead Remix)]

Blaqstarr (feat. Mos Def) · Kiss Me On My Lips

A new Mixtape and EP just in time for Spring

“Kiss Me on My Lips” is the first taste off Blaqstarr’s The Mixtape. The track features Mos Def whose voice is cut up and layered throughout. Besides that, Blaqstarr’s voice is autotunes at various parts, which I have mixed feelings about, but really it didn’t seem needed.

The mixtape is set to release next tuesday (April 12) on – expected to feature Talib Kweli, Diplo, Switch and a few others.

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[audio:Kiss-Me-On-My-Lips.mp3|titles=Kiss Me On My Lips (feat. Mos Def)]

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons · Fixing a Hole

from the Minnesota Beatle Project : Volume 2

A few months back I went to First Avenue’s annual John Lennon tribute in Minneapolis. It was a good night despite the shit acoustics at First Ave, but one thing I forgot to do was pick up their album, the Minnesota Beatle Project: Vol. 2. Well, I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the official video of Cory Chisel’s cover of “Fixing A Hole”, one of the sixteen tracks on the album.

Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons covered this classic with class. Cory’s eerie, coolheaded echoes backed by some tripped out instrumentals set the stage for this dark & disturbing video. The original “Fixing a Hole” was one of my favorite from The Beatles and these guys really give it a refreshing […]

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[audio:Fixing-A-Hole-Cover.mp3,Dear-Boy-Cover.mp3|titles=Fixing a Hole (Cover),Dear Boy (Cover)]

Basic Physics ·· Nightlife in the Northwoods (Mixtape)

A rageworthy compilation for all us northern folk.. and everyone else too

I first caught Basic Physics with their Lil’ Wayne // Pretty Lights // Phoenix mashup. I posted it up against another Lil’ Wayne mashup – Lil’ Wayne vs. Bob Marley – in which initially I liked the Bob Marly mash better. However, since then, not only has Basic Physic’s mashup become my favorite, but I’ve come to love a few other singles they’ve recently released – all cumulating into their first mixtape, Nightlife in the Northwoods, which just released today.

Unfortunately, I’ve only had a few run throughs with Nightlife in the Northwoods, so I can’t give my full thoughts yet. I will, however […]

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[audio:Bow-Chicka-Wow.mp3,Somebody-To-Love.mp3,Sleeping-With-The-Undertaker.mp3,Starry-Eyed.mp3|titles=Bow Chicka Wow Show,Somebody to Love Our Style,Sleeping with the Undertaker,Starry Eyed E.T.]

Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 3)

Overseas - from London to Japan

We’re half way through the “Music that Got Me Blogging About Music” and it’s only up hill.. down hill.. get’s better from here. So far we’ve covered Midwest hip-hop, West Coast hip-hop, and now we’re going International!

In this portion we will be covering groups from abroad and, not surprisingly, are all from genre’s other than hip-hop (unlike the other sections). This portion was only going to have four artists covered, the final list (my top five) took the best one from here, but I decided to add one because a few of his songs were very influential in my current music tastes (like every other artist on here).

So check ’em out and drop some feedback in the comments below. Also, prepare for The Bay Area next week!!

Check out the International Goodness »

[audio:Knee-Deep.mp3|titles=Knee Deep (feat. Alice Russell & Jim Oxborough)]

Duck Sauce · I Like It (… is fake)

That's the way, uh huh.

So apparently someone very, very naughty leaked this new Duck Sauce song… I guess I’m apart of that crowd now. But how could I pass up on this electrofied classic It still seems like it may need a few tweaks and a little more Duck Sauce flare, but guess we’ll have to wait ’til the release.

Get it while it’s gettable!

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[audio:I-Like-It.mp3|titles=I Like It]

Kid Cudi Quit Weed?

Plus, a never before released single, Capcom

Kid Cudi posted on his Tumblr blog, Cud Life, that he was quitting weed for good (check it out after the jump). But I think it’s safe to assume this is some practical joke for April Fools. First off, the message is absolutely half baked (haha). If someone like Cudi was actually quitting weed, I doubt he would mouth off about it. And two, of all days he had to pick today. Give me a break, I’d almost say I could see Snoop Dogg quitting before Cudi. But what’d y’all think

In other Cudi news, he’s released a new track titled “Capcom”. A few reports say this may be the first off his upcoming mixtape, A Man Named Scott, but they aren’t that good of reports. Whatever the case may be, it’s Cudi and we all know y’all are gonna eat it up!
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Paper Diamond · All We Do Is

Throw It In The Bag (Remix) - with Drake & Lil' Wayne vocals

Pushed play on this and damn. did. it. roll. This is my Paper Diamond tipping point – I’m in, I’m gonna be all up on every release of his. And now I truly see why Pretty Lights signed Alex B.

What makes this so goddamn grand is that heavy buzzing bass threaded through those vocals, oh, so well. I was a little skeptical of Drake/Lil’ Wayne being sampled, but I’m starting to understand I’m not a fan of their music, but I LOVE when they’re RMX’d.

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[audio:All-We-Do-Is.mp3|titles=All We Do Is]