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Tron Legacy Remixes // Not the Reconfigured

My top three picks and a bunch of "Derezzed" RMX's

A few weeks back I heard the Tron Legacy Reconfigured album with some of the most respected artists in the electronic scene. A few of the tracks were redone even better than their original, but the album as a whole was a little disappointing. Mostly because I hyped it up so much, but also because the talent didn’t stack up to their name. So I dug around SoundCloud, The Hype Machine and a few blogs to find some remixes that competed with the Reconfigured.

Well, I found three tracks that I really enjoyed and a bunch of “Derezzed” remixes – definitely the most remixed choice. I gotta say, scrounging around for remixes to Daft Punk’s stellar soundtrack gave me a little more respect for the Reconfigured. There’s a lot of shit remixes out there and although the Reconfigured may not have blown Daft Punk away, they still gave a quality switch to Daft Punk’s electro-masterpiece.

Anyways, check out the remixes I uncovered and hit me up with what you think. If you found any better, I’ll make sure to post those up, as well! + if some of you hit us up with your opinions, I’ll bundle all of the MP3’s together for d/l.


Meridian – End of Line (Daft Punk Remix)

If I had to pick a winner, this would be it. Not only does it remix my favorite Legacy track, but has the perfect switch ups that keeps you going. This may not be a futuristic rager, but a futuristic chill sesh, nonetheless.
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[audio:End-Of-Line-Meridian.mp3|titles=End of Line (Meridian Remix)]

Pharrell Williams – The Game Has Changed (Daft Punk)

Pharrell drops some decent lines over this Tron track. It sure doesn’t top the N.E.R.D. // Daft Punk mashup by Nero, but it’s still one of the best Legacy edits.

“So like Tron I’m brightly outlinin’ my shit up.”
Thanks to Streetlore for this.

[audio:The-Game-Has-Changed.mp3|titles=The Game Has Changed]

DJ DLG – Daft Punk’s Fall (Lazer Legacy Mix)

Now, this would be the track to rage in the future to. Like the nice little Vimeo sampler too (look out below)
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[audio:Fall-Lazor-Legacy.mp3|titles=Fall (DJ DLG Lazer Legacy Mix)]

Bright Shades – Derezzed (Daft Punk Rework)

Probably my favorite remix of all the “Derezzed”. Good buildup and ends fairly strong, but towards the middle it kinda lacks my active attention.
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[audio:Derezzed-Bright-Shades.mp3|titles=Derrezzed (Bright Shades Rework)]

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Derezzed (Daft Punk Remix)

Unlike most the “Derezzed” remixes, this one gets more and more interesting as it goes. But still lacks anything substantial to differentiate it from any of the other “Derezzed” remixes (it’s a saturated market).
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[audio:Derezzed-CWL-Remix.mp3|titles=Derezzed (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)]

Pink is Punk – Derrezzed (“RETRON” Mix)

Again, these are some good remixes, but lack anything to really blow the original or Reconfigured away.
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[audio:Derezzed-Pink-Mix.mp3|titles=Derrezzed (Pink is Punk “RETRON” Mix)]

Bonuses: Derezzed (Decalicious Edit) | Son of Flynn (Goose Remix)