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Kid Cudi Quit Weed?

Plus, a never before released single, Capcom

Kid Cudi posted on his Tumblr blog, Cud Life, that he was quitting weed for good (check it out below). But I think it’s safe to assume this is some practical joke for April Fools. First off, the message is absolutely half baked (haha). If someone like Cudi was actually quitting weed, I doubt he would mouth off about it. And two, of all days he had to pick today. Give me a break, I’d almost say I could see Snoop Dogg quitting before Cudi. But what’d y’all think?

In other Cudi news, he’s released a new track titled “Capcom”. A few reports say this may be the first off his upcoming mixtape, A Man Named Scott, but they aren’t that good of reports. Whatever the case may be, it’s Cudi and we all know y’all are gonna eat it up!

Update (4.4.11): as days go by, I’m starting to think that it wasn’t a joke. Maybe he fooled us in thinking that it was a joke! Touché, Cudi! Also, he gave a statement on “Capcom”, here it is –

The song in which the world has titled “capcom” was done early last year for a project chad hugo and kenna were working on for a Street Fighter game and they reached out and asked me to be a part of it. This was a demo reference and i never really got to rework my verses or see the project through. Its old and isnt of my discography. I have a new jam im releasing soon and it will be current freshness. Stay tuned.

I guess it’s not off his upcoming album – didn’t like it all that much anyway.

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if you feel like you need to quit, you need to quit.

From his Tumblr posts on Cud Life
Kid Cudi Isn't Smoking Weed Anymore

(Second Post)
Kid Cudi Not Smoking Marijuana Anymore

Kid Cudi:
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Birth Name: Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Label: Universal Motown
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