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Smokey Robotic Makes Superfuturistic Music

And another lesson learned thanks to Lindsay Lohan

Smokey Robotic & Lindsay Lohan taught me an important lesson in listening to music – keep track of your shit!

I hit up the Smokobotic’s “Forever My Love” a few weeks back, thought it was a chill track, but it eventually fell into my never ending pile of music (<3). When I found out that Ms. Lohan tweeted a video of theirs, I thought- no shit. So I checked it out and it sounded familiar right away, soon after realizing it was the track I listened to a few weeks back.

As for the goodness, “Forever My Love” reminds me of a Timbaland beat remixed to a dirty disco vibe. But what makes this shit so fuckin lovely are its vocals – the lyrics are catchy as hell and the backups are smoother than shit (reminds me of Chromeo). Given the proper publicity, “Forever My Love” and the Smokobotic will get its much needed love… oh yea, they got Lohan ;)

Smokey Robotic – Forever My Love

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Smokey Robotic
Genre: Pop
Styles: Electro, Hip Hop, Pop, Superfuture
Members: Seer, Father Dude, Konrad, !llMind
Location: New York, New York
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