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Music that Got Me Blogging About Music (Part 4)

The San Francisco Bay Arrreeeeeaaa

In the music that got me blogging about music series, we’ve gone from the Midwest all the way to Japan and all along the West Coast. Now, we focus on one of the most influential hip-hop areas around, The Bay Area.

As small as The Bay Area is compared to any other area I’ve covered, it’s definitely rich with the best hip-hop around. I could’ve made a top 25 bay area groups, but that would’ve been a little much. This top 5 (or so), however, is some of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time. There’s no doubt that the Bay Area is the heart of my hip-hop listening.

Quannum Projects/Solesides

Quannum Projects consists of a handful of musicians residing in The Bay Area and all along the coast. The reason why I chose the label instead of its group members is because Quannum has just about as many artists that deserve to be on this list than actual artists on here.

Check out two tracks from my favorites, Latyrx & Blackalicious, but make sure to check out Lifesavas as well (along with the others).

[audio:Lady-Dont-Tek-No.mp3,If-I-May.mp3|titles=Lady Don’t Tek No,If I May]
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Listening to “You Never Know”, I really wonder why Hiero isn’t in my Top 5 – but a very close cousin took their place. They’re definitely my most influential Bay Area hip-hop.

Gotta favorite Hiero member? I gotta give it to Del, but the group is one talented collective (together & separate).

[audio:You-Never-Know.mp3|titles=You Never Know]
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Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina

Another one I combined to save space – though, these two definitely deserve their own. Each has brought something fresh to The Bay and really has created the hip-hop culture today, ‘specially Mac Dre. (RIP)

Okay, I always gotta ask.. in “Andre & Andre”, whose flow do you feel more?

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Zion I

Mind Over Matter may be the only album I listen to of Zion I’s, but a few of these tracks will put you on another level. Actually, I am starting to get into their new shit with The Grouch (love his solo work).

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Yeeeeeeeaaaa, he goes without saying, but I just had to. 2Pac is far from the first rapper I got into (went from the underground UP), but he’s among my favorite now.

Oh, and he may not be “Bay Area” hip-hop, but NorCal is definitely where his roots lie – plus it was hard enough to categorize all of these, so lay off ;p

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