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Childish Gambino · Bonfire

Here for the rap, stayin for duh beat.

The first single off his upcoming album, Camp, “Bonfire” is the usual wordplay from Gambino, lyrics that are actually interesting to follow. But what shines are those glorious bass-driven beats. Glorious. Still don’t know about his flow though, but better than that Mac Miller

Look out for Camp to release early this November.

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SoundKlout 23 : The White Panda

The Millionaire Mashmakers

With over a hundred damn tracks on SoundCloud, this wasn’t the easiest feature to get through. The White Pandas are straight up mashers and, although, they mostly deal in the mainstream pop & hip-hop I don’t usually care to feature on here, I still managed to find some properly put together tracks. These two really know how to take apposing styles and whip ’em up as one.

Mucho Mashups Inside »

Wolfgang Gartner · Cognitive Dissonance

A lil' pre-banger before the album drops oh-so soon.

Gartner’s pre-track to his upcoming album is giving me a little “dissonance” in itself. At times I can appreciate what he’s doing with it, reminds me of that mau5 viiibe with those awe-inspiring synths. On the other hand, it’s not put together as well as his usual fashion. Guess that’s why it didn’t make the cut for the album. Until we get our hands on that, enjoy this :)

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[audio:Cognitive-Dissonance.mp3|titles=Cognitive Dissonance]

The Weeknd · The Morning (ill-esha’s lovestep jam)

"Girl put in work, girl girl put in work"

Ill-esha’s remix of The Morning by The Weeknd captures the smooth sexiness of the vocals and adds a downtempo, soulful beat. I especially enjoy the electronic synths that fayde in and out giving the song that airy feel.  And her bassline for the chorus is amazing! In the hands of many other dubstep producers, The Weekend’s soft vocal would be drowned out by the dubstep wobbles, but Ill-esha puts her own sounds in harmony with the vocals […]

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No Ceremony · Hurt Love

A single as mysterious as the artist persona.

No Ceremony’s “Hurt Love” is utterly addicting.  With melodic vocal samples backed up by a simple piano loop, it’s making waves through the blogosphere, as well as my mind.  The simplicity of the song makes it a haunting masterpiece. And the official video only adds to their painstakingly mysterious persona.

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[audio:https://silencenogood.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/01-HURTLOVE.mp3|titles=Hurt Love]

SoundKlout 22 : Coyote Kisses

Couldn't wait any longer to drop these neo-tribal howlers!!

Not to float their boat anymore than I already have, but Coyote Kisses is the most promising electro-heavy, dub-steppy group I’ve heard over the past year (little competition). Their melodies are spot on and change up their tune just enough to keep us on our feet every.damn.time.

How these two haven’t been signed to PLM or anything else legit is beyond me, but once they get their act together, drop the whole college thang and start seriously stepping towards their quite obvious chosen carrer path, I know they’ll be hittin heavy in this scene.

Get some (Coyote) tail »

SoundKlout 21 : Bobby C Sound TV

Bringin the Ghetto Funk from Denver

I realized with these ghetto funk producers that choosin the right tracks doesn’t rely too much on the production as much as the choice of vocals. For the most part, if you pick the right producer that ghetto funk will be alive in every track, but their choice of singers & MC’s separates the good from the ghetto great.

Originally, this feature was going to be about the Ghetto Funk collective which Bobby C is a part of. Going through all their music, I realized half of my picks were from Bobby C. So I decided to give this post up to him and leave the rest of the Ghetto Funkness for later.

Ghetto Funk’s Alive »

Reason 5.0 Dubstep Production Tutorial

featuring Retrotation's "I Dream of Dragons"

I am Retrotation, and I will be your host today. Just earlier I unleashed my latest release unto the dubstep world entitled, “I Dream of Dragons.” Sit and listen, and please feel free to close your eyes and enter into the realm of your imagination.

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SoundKlout 20 : TigranMiMoSA

Mimosa makes strange shit with a whole lotta finesse

More than a few tracks on Mimosa’s SoundCloud do this SoundKlout justice. He’s got a real knack for taking the strange and whipping it with some melody. I do hope he gets some more tracks up on there soon – like the rap artists featured on SoundKlout before him, I think SC is only a taste of Tigran’s talent.

Nothin wrong with a few Mimosas »

Pretty Lights · I Know the Truth

Approaching a new style in music, analog electronica - let PL explain.

When I saw this posted up on the Pretty Lights site, I made a little girlish yelp. Ever since I saw the live version on YouTube, I was obsessed with this industrial, bass-heavy grinder.

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about bass producers over complicating their drops. Take the advice in Pretty Lights ‘Truth’ that it’s not about how dirty the drop can get. Like all writing, whether it’s music or language, use only what’s necessary! and forget the rest!

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[audio:Know-Truth.mp3|titles=I Know the Truth]