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Porter Robinson · The Seconds

Young and on (Spit)Fire

The 19 year old wonder does it again. “The Seconds” is nothing short of spectacular. As crazy as it is to say this already, this is vintage Porter. Heavy bass and house beats. Ever since his first song, “Say My Name,” climbed the charts on Beatport, people have been taking notice of Porter Robinson. The young producer proves that he can keep pace with the crafty veterans in sound production and on stage. If you haven’t yet, download his new Spirtfire Ep and catch him this month with Tiesto on their college invasion tour. BIG ups to BIG sounds.

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SoundKlout 27 : Childish Gambino

May not appreciate his rap style enough, but damn can this dude sing.

I’ve criticized Glover for his white boy rap style before, but to be fair I’ve really warmed up to it compared to the others. I still may not appreciate his style enough, but those lyrics and fiiine ass beats makes him more than SoundKlout worthy.

What shocked me the most when looking over his SoundCloud tracks was something I don’t usually cover all too much with Gambino, the production. I would’ve loved to feature some of his earlier tracks, but the production, in all honesty, was awful. He really has done a 180 in his more recent work.

Check out these Childish rhymes by Gambino + his singing ever more!

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Foo Fighters · White Limo (The Prodigy Remix)

How they got this out of Foo Fighters is beyond me

Interesting take on Foo Fighter’s “White Limo”, though I haven’t heard the original yet. Apparently, Grohl asked the guys to do this remix. Understandably, they’ve been doing some killer ones lately. I really should check the original, still wondering how it turned into this. (I think I’ll still be wondering)

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The Island · Pendulum (Madeon Remix)

17 years old and born to produce House music

Young, french and born to produce house music – this guy is a genius. Madeon is the latest big talent emerging from France and by listening to a few of his tracks, you quickly realize that he is bound to do great things in the electronic music industry. This remix of Pendulum’s “The Island” is a perfect example as he completely transforms the great original into an epic song by combining a powerfull bass track with wicked vocals and nice synth touches here & there.

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SoundKlout 26 : Zeds Dead (baby)

Gettin dirty with the classics, dubstyle

Zeds Dead does dirty on a few classics for us, something my father probably wouldn’t appreciated, but can you really blame him I featured the two a few months back in my Dubstep Remixes of Rock Classics, which they contributed two tracks (both featured below).

I’ve been posting about these two quite a bit lately, so I decided to go over their SC collection and see what I could dig up. Wish they put up a little more, but still found a few quality dubstep remixes I haven’t heard before – though, I’m guessing if you’re into this whole scene, you’re probably familiar with most their work. To all else, enjoy! (as much as you can)

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Coldplay · Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii Mix)

Do I really even have to sell it...? nope.

I’m prettay sure this is the complete track. It says on SoundCloud that it’s a preview, but I think it’s a preview of the whole mix. So that means this is the full part to this individual track… right I’m not too schooled on how it all works :)

Anyways, it’s Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” remixed by Avicii… can’t get much better than that. Can’t wait to hear the whole mix.

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[audio:Every-Teardrop-Avicii.mp3|titles=Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii ‘Tour’ Mix)]

Sabi · Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix)

"Damn! This dub heart of mine"

Wow.. I think I’m a Sabi fan now just based of this pic ;) NEways, Zeds Dead just hit us up with a remix of her “Wild Heart” track. Can’t say I’ve ever heard her before, (is she big) but liking her voice with this dirty dubstep grymes. Also, wondering if this is just a preview – the intro/outro are faded in/out. Whatevs, good shyt!

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[audio:Wild-Heart-Remix.mp3|titles=Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix)]

SoundKlout 25 : Party Ben

"The dumbest name in showbiz"

I first became infatuated with the Ben of all Partys when I heard his mashups on “Just Go With It”. Since then I’ve been following him on SoundCloud and not only does he pick the right people to remix, but does it damnnnn well. He does have an advantage though being in the music scene of all music scenes, The Bay Area.

Come Party with Ben »

SoundKlout 24 : Stephan Jacobs

This be some charming-ass electronic

It’s hard to find artists in this style, dubstep & glitch, that appeal to more than just the select few fans. As much as Stephan Jacobs is still as an acquired taste as any of his kind, he really puts mass appeal potential to his work. Just gotta wait around until the people catch up to this progress in music.

Prepare Yoself »

Wolfgang Gartner ·· Weekend in America

Droppin bombs in Illmerica

Weekend in America taught me a little more about Gartner’s sound. Before I gave him some criticism about his loose style, which almost seemed sloppy to me. But once you cozy on down with it, you begin to understand its headnodic appeal. Of all things this has done for me, it’s made me realize I gotta see him live.

My only major issue with the album is the featured artists, but since it’s really more to do with the politics in who he picked than their performance, I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, the album may not be up to par with the singles released earlier this year/late last year, but like I said before, this type of music ya gotta habituate before you castigate. ;p And, to be honest, a few are already starting to grow on me since the beginning of this post (“The Way It Was”).

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[audio:Illmerica.mp3,Menage-A-Trois.mp3,Circus-Freaks.mp3,The-Way-It-Was.mp3|titles=Illmerica,Menage A Trois,Circus Freaks (ft Jim Jones & Cam’ron),The Way It Was]