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SoundKlout 22 : Coyote Kisses

Couldn't wait any longer to drop these neo-tribal howlers!!


Our SoundKlout series is all about finding the best artists SoundCloud has to offer. Each day we’ll spotlight a handful of good music from a selected SoundClouder. If you know anyone that needs noticing, make sure to hit us up with a few of their tracks.

Not to float their boat anymore than I already have, but Coyote Kisses is the most promising electro-heavy, dub-steppy group I’ve heard over the past year (little competition). Their melodies are spot on and change up their tune just enough to keep us on our feet every.damn.time.

How these two haven’t been signed to PLM or anything else legit is beyond me, but once they get their act together, drop the whole college thang and start seriously stepping towards their quite obvious chosen carrer path, I know they’ll be hittin heavy in this scene.

First track I heard of Coyote’s and was a literal jaw dropper. Still tingles my mutha.fuckin spine every damn time.

Coyote Kisses (hexagon)

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Coyote Kisses Remix)
Making Katy Perry’s voice more grandios than her ego… now that’s artistry.

Coyote Kisses – Starchaser
This should be in Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road level, but until I whip that up this video owns it.

Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack
I may have criticized it from the start and still wish the melody was highlighted more (so good), but I still love (and play) “Acid Wolfpack” to death.

Coyote Kisses – Cute Shadows
“Bringin sexy back.” I’m losing my touch for words, just listen and stop readin.

Coyote Kisses – Dreams Never Die
Really shows where they’ve come from and, compared to their recent ones, where they’re goin. “Sexxxyyyy synth”

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Coyote Kisses
Genre: Electronica
Styles: Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep
Members: Joe Sussingham, Bryce Bresnan
Origin: Lexington, Virginia; Sarasota, Florida
Links: SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter