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Best Music of 2011 (Part 2) : Remixes to Rave ‘n’ Rage to

Technically, they're mostly mashups, but I like how this sounds better

Moving on from the Best Ghetto Funk of 2011 (whatever that is), we get 12 mixes & mashes that will pump you up from 2011 all the way into 2012. Most of these are mashups of Progressive House // Raver type music with a bit of something else sprinkled on top. A few have their flaws, but the’re all the best to go buck wild to and ring in the New Year, baby!

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Best Music of 2011 (Part 1) : Ghetto Funk

'cause the year of the Funk Revival is... well, 2012, but we're startin it off right.

To start off our Best of’s for 2011, we went with one of the more obscure lists, duh Ghetto Funk. If you don’t know what ghetto funk is then you better get to knowin it. With a blend of electro funk and bass buzzin wobbles, ghetto funk is the next evolution in the genre.

Our list is filled with ghetto funkers remixing the soulful classics, ranging from Jurassic 5 to Hall & Oates. A few of these are from late 2010, but they didn’t get to go up on our last year’s Ghetto Funk list (because there wasn’t one), and they’re just too damn good not to put up on here. So prepare yoself for a funky good time.

Gotta Get That Funk »

Dubstep Remixes of Video Game Classics

Reviving old-school Nintendo & Sega games in the dubstep arena

Inspired by our Dubstep Remixes of Rock Classics, this time around we’re taking our favorite 80’s & 90’s video games and coiling the shit out of ’em with style. It originally started out as just general remixes of video game themes, but after compiling the majority of them, it turned out to be mainly dubstep. Unfortunately, that led to a few good remixes getting cut for now, most notably a favorite hip-hop Mario mashup of mine.

I tried my darndest to get the most memorable classics – such as Zelda, Sonic, Mario and a few other noteworthy – but couldn’t manage to find quality ones for a few. There are just so many damn dubstep remixes out there and most of ’em are complete shit – it’s one of the fastest emerging genres, so there’s bound to be a lot of people hoppin’ on the bandwagon. However, I did manage to come up with 8 solid remixes, so help us come up with the rest and I’ll make sure to give up some cool prizes!! First off, “Hip-Hop Remixes of Video Game Classics”.

To the GAMES! »

Jay-Z Mashups · Part 2: Rockin’ out with RHCP

& gettin' dirty with The Prodigy. This is the future of Jay-Z (or should be).

Wrappin’ up this list of the best Jay-Z Mashups – & a few remixes – we move on to Jay-Z in a modern rock, electronic styling. What I really wanted to get out of these was to show Jay-Z in a different light // in a different genre. And that’s exactly what you’ll find. Would love to hear him do an electronic or jazz-based album (in muh dreams), but until then I’ll rely on these mashups.

On to the Mashups »

[audio:Even-Dirt.mp3|titles=Even Dirt Off Your Shoulder After All (KMT Mix)]

Jay-Z Mashups · Part 1: From Bach to Classic Rock

A few of these may even beat their originals (don't quote me on this)

I’ve compiled 13 Jay-Z mashups & remixes in a two-part series. Part 1 is with instrumentals from way back in the day, mostly classic rock tracks, but a few other surprises in there too. The second part is everything from the 90’s till now. It still touches on a lot of rock, but expands into other famous hip-hop tracks and even into the futuristic electronic jams.

As you can imagine, finding Jay-Z mashups wasn’t too hard. However, the biggest issue I had in compiling this was the abundance of shit quality remixes. Quite a few would’ve actually made this list if I could’ve found a better version, but I hunted down the best and made sure they were up on here! (it was a pain)

On to the Good Stuff »

[audio:Run-This-Town-Mars-Remix.mp3|titles=Run This Town (Bach // Rihanna // Kanye // Jay-Z Mashup)]

Best Thing About Turntable.fm Isn’t the DJing/Music

Plus, some good hip-hop from one of my favorite TT rooms

Turntable.fm is a live chat room where music lovers come to share and listen to music together. Rooms can be setup by anyone and consist of 1-5 DJ’s at a time. Topics for each room range from specific genres to music blogs that play just about everything.

The first type of room I got into was dubstep- although, I quickly realized that the crowd and music wasn’t for me. Apparently, I’m not into the “right” kind of dubstep, so I hit up the hip-hop & mashup rooms for a while. As much good music as I’ve found through these rooms, I wasn’t quite connecting with that many people. I started to realize that the best quality in TT.fm wasn’t finding new music, but connecting with […]

Find Out What It Is »

[audio:Buzzin-Classixx.mp3|titles=Buzzin’ (Classixx Remix)]

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Covers

Some of the greatest guitarists (and hip-hop artists?) cover this Beatles classic.

I’ve heard a couple of these long before this list, but once I saw the video of Tom Petty & Prince cover “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, I knew there had to be a ton more good covers of this song. Well, there were about double the amount that’s posted on this list, but I thought I’d narrow it down – that said […]

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[audio:Guitar-Weeps-Santana.mp3|titles=While My Guitar Gently Weeps (feat. India Arie & Yo-Yo Ma)]

“Rolling in the Deep” Rompin’ Remixes

Now we're gettin' Adele deep, down & dirty in DUBSTEP

About three months back I thought about compiling a list of “Rolling in the Deep” remixes, mashups & covers. However, pickings were slim at the time, so I held off. Now that I’ve come back to it, there are so many producers who’ve chopped and edited “Rolling in the Deep” that I’ve had to focus on one style – Rompers! Most of these are dubstep, but I’ve found some House and a few other ragers.

If you’re not familiar with dubstep, you’re probably not going to like these (and I do understand). But if ya love ‘steppin just as much as I, get ready for some coiling goodnass(ty). There’s just about a dozen remixes for you to get lean to, so let’s get this party started!

On to the RAGERS »

[audio:Rolling-Deep-F3RAL.mp3|titles=Rolling In the Deep [F3RAL DnB Bootleg]

Dubstep Remixes of Rock Classics

Taking your pop's favorite classic rock and dubsteppin' all over it.

Planned on doing this for some time, but never thought I had enough. Well, when I first started compiling I definitely didn’t – but after a lot of research on YouTube, SoundCloud & beyond, I’ve come up with nine solid dubstep remixes of that classic rock we’ve grown up on.

Two rock legends I wanted to find were Jimi Hendrix & ZZ Top, but unfortunately there weren’t any quality ones out there. If you know of any, or any other dubstep remixes I haven’t included here, hit it up in the comments below!

Hit up the Remixes »

[audio:Money-Alchemist-Remix.mp3|titles=Money (The Alchemist Remix)]

Mixes & Mashups of Soundset 2011 Headliners

Whole 'lotta Big Boi, the best De La Soul and some interesting Atmo

Soundset 2011 is right around the corner, so I thought I’d gather the best remixes & mashups of the lineup. Well, I quickly found out that people don’t really mashup underground hip-hop, so I turned to the top three headliners – Atmosphere, Big Boi & De La Soul.

De La Soul had a decent amount, but the good ones weren’t easy to find (e.g. Emancipator’s mash). Big Boi, as expected, had well over any of the others and wasn’t easy to narrow down to seven (yes, it was hard to narrow it to 7!). Lastly, Atmosphere was by far the most difficult to find. I don’t know how in hell […]

Check out All the Mix/Mash Goodness »

[audio:Trouble-Water-Remix.mp3|titles=Trouble in the Water (De La Soul // Emancipator Blend)]