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Hottest Nu-Disco in the Funkin World

featuring the 16 best nu-disco songs for gettin dirty on the dance floor

Disco Stu (mini)

Last year when I was writing up a piece on the best ghetto funk of 2011, I thought that ghetto funk would be the next biggest thing in emerging music – well, I more hoped it would be. The sub-genre just doesn’t have enough traction with producers and listeners to be the next big thing. However, I do know what’s about to tear up this next progression in music and this time it’s not just wishful thinking.

Our last major mix of music was comprised of the next stylings in R&B. With the likes of Frank Ocean & The Weeknd, soul music is back, but that’s only one half of the equation. Where this hipster R&B is our new music to make love to, nu-disco is where it’s at to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

Compiling the top nu-disco tracks of the last few years, it became increasingly difficult to define what this new style of disco could be defined as. It’s clearly got electro influences with heavy synthesizers and sounds that couldn’t be created by traditional instruments, but there’s so much more to it. Nu-disco has clear influences in funk and since it’s still in its infancy, remixes are still dominating it with few examples of established artists experimenting with it. But however you’d describe it, it’s sure as hell reviving disco! And even more important, it’s a hit with the ladies, which is always a good indicator of the next big thing in music.

What do you think the next big style of music is going to be?
Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments below!

And now…
Some Sweet Nu-Disco Fever

Luminaire · Dream Lowe
Luminaire is about as unknown as it gets, yet his nu-disco finesse soars above the best. It’s not just his new take on disco that captures me, but the vocals he digs up – they’re simply breathtaking.

Moon Boots Stuntin' with Shades

Flight Facilities · Foreign Language (feat. Jess)
Where Luminaire brings out the best in male vocals, Flight Facilities does it with the ladies. And where Lum isn’t that well know on the scene (yet), Flight Facilities is a leading force in this disco sub-style.
Moon Boots · Got Somebody
Here we bring it down to a more funk level with vocals from Wayne Wonder’s 2003 hit, ‘No Letting Go.’ And as much of an R&B hit as it was back then, Moon Boots keeps it fresh with a whole nu state of charmed disco-funk.
Miami Horror · Holidays (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix)
I gotta give Cassian & Miami Horror’s remix of ‘Holidays’ credit as my first taste of nu-disco. And since it houses some of the catchiest vocals around, it was one hell of a start.

Disco Techno

Penguin Prison · Don’t Fuck With My Money
There is nothing better than sexy ass vocals singing “fuck,” or any other swear for that matter (but fuck’s #1).
Kimbra, Mark Foster & A-Trak · Warrior
When I first heard ‘Warrior,’ I thought Kimbra was lucky as hell to team up with Mark Foster & A-Trak. But now I realize those two are the lucky ones.

Luminaire · Missing You
Luminaire is so damn good I gotta give him two spots on this fabulous nu-disco mix. And Fuck, do these vocals make me rock out every.damn.time!
The Knocks · Brightside (DiscoTech remix)
What is there to say about this… it’s got as great of vocals as the rest… just listen to the damn song. I mean, who reads this shit anyways? ;)
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We’ve put a lot of time & effort into this! (A LOT)

Gigamesh (banner)

Gigamesh · When You’re Dancing (Cassian Remix)
Gigamesh’s original was already nu-disco nice, but Cassian amplifies those vocals to whole nu heights.
Viceroy & WhiteNoize · Only Takes (Original Mix)
I’m more obsessed with Viceroy’s beach beats, but he’s always got that feel good viibe no matter the style. + there’s always some catchy.ass.vocals to go along, especially in ‘Only Takes.’

Nu-Disco Live

eSQUIRE & Di Scala · Slightest Touch (Original Mix)
Ya gotta give this one a minute, but once those heavenly vocals hit, there’s no going back!

[audio:Slightest-Touch-Mix.mp3|titles=Slightest Touch (Original Mix)]
Richard Grey · Lady
Remaking Modjo’s ‘Lady,’ Grey spices it up with an intricate electro take that hops with the best of this nu-disco bunch.
Dato · Letting Go
Dato’s another one of those lone producers that still hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves. Soon, Dato, soon.

[audio:Letting-Go.mp3|titles=Letting Go]

It's the Future of Disco, baby

Fun. · We Are Young (Party Ben & MyKill Remix)
Everyone is all over Fun. nowadays, but luckily enough not to the overplayed Carly Rae Jepsen level (yet). And as much as I love their original ‘We Are Young,’ Nate Ruess’ effervescent vocals were destined for nu-disco.
Grouplove · Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)
Another indietronic track gone nu-disco, this time by my Minnesota homeboy, Gigamesh. He’s one of the best in nu-disco around!
Boy and Bear · Mexican Mavis (Snapdragons Remix)
And one last indie to nu-disco remix to wrap it up.
So let us know who we missed in the comments below
I can’t believe I didn’t find a RAC track!