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Grieves & Budo – Pack It Up

A bad Valentines gone good

I’m a little late on this Vday gift from Grieves & Budo, my own eat up all the time I had on the 14th, but I had to give ’em due credit.

“Pack It Up” is a soulful take on the duds we face on our quest for that “paper heart”. Check out the vid, it’s a good visual of Grieve’s lament.

Their LP, Together/Apart, should be dropping sometime this summer.

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[audio:Pack-It-Up.mp3|titles=Pack It Up]

Atmosphere & Shaq, Be the Match Commercial

"See how big you can be." Join the bone marrow registry

Saw this on TV and instantly knew I’d heard this before. About one or two seconds later I knew it was Atmosphere. Googled “Be The Match Shaq commercial” and found out this was “Puppets” – never been good with names.

Enjoy and make sure to join the bone marrow registry.

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Minnesota Nice by Atmosphere

featuring Prof (Stophouse), Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli

Here’s a nice new track to kick off Atmo’s Welcome to Minnesota tour.

“Minnesota Nice” features a few fresh MC’s, including Prof (Stophouse), Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli, but somewhat lacks anything new from Slug and Ant. It does go well with their recent work, which has a been a nice step along the years, but I’m eagerly awaiting what’s next. It’s still nice to hear the love for MN and is a good start to a healthy Rhymesayers year.

Make sure to hit up the mini tour if you’re around the area – plus, you may just see me out there (and wouldn’t that be sweet)

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Jurassic 5 vs Opiuo – Taco Influence (Mashup)

A glitch hop goodie with J5's "The Influence" tearing up the track

Damn does this glitch hop hit. The intro is a good buildup for the glitch glory to come. J5’s original may have been one of a few dozen J5 classics, but the remix gives this shit edge.

I’m still not quite sure who cut this up, but I’m well on my way to finding out. Until then enjoy this anonymous party poppin’ piece.

“We verbally vibrate your track.”

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[audio:Taco-Influence.mp3|titles=Taco Influence (Mashup)]

Mr. Impossible by Swollen Members (+video)

"Mr. Impossible could do the most amazing things; impossible."

Swollen Members are back with a new album, Dagger Mouth, dropping this March. I’m a hell of a lot more optimistic for this than their 2009, Armed to the Teeth. Sounds more like the SM I’ve grown to smoke to.

Check out their second single, “Mr. Impossible”. Another beat to pillage and conquer by Rob the Viking with Mad Child & Prevail tearing it up with a few fresh cuts – Love the Cudi reference, lol –

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[audio:Mr-Impossible.mp3|titles=Mr. Impossible]

Ring to It by Mario Dones

"Rappers come a dime a dozen, 'til you know somebody."

God damn, this shit catches. I don’t think it’s your name that’s got a ring to it, Mario – I think it’s the ring to it that’s got a ring to it (I hope I worded that right). But honestly, I can’t get this shit out of my f’ head! Enjoy :)

Good lyrics all around

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[audio:Ring-To-It.mp3|titles=Ring to It]

Hood Internet – Go Hahahaha (Das Racist x Cults)

"Call me Dwight Schrute the way that I eat beats."

Hearing Das Racist’s flow for the first time a few months back, I really enjoyed their free form style. It reminds me of the drunk fist kung fu fighter, Brad Wong, on Dead or Alive 3 – basically, a loose, free flowing style. Almost every beat of theirs I run across fits their flow quite well, but in one of their latest tracks, “Hahahaha jk”, that feeling wasn’t quite there.

When I heard The Hood Internet’s mashed up version with The Cult’s “Go Outside”, I thought it was a much better fit. The Cult’s backup vocals & instrumentals give Das Racist’s original a laid back vibe more fitting to their loose lip style. It still may not be my favorite Das Racist track, but this mashup is an interesting collision of genres […]

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[audio:Go-Haha.mp3|titles=Go Hahahaha]

H•A•M by Kanye West & Jay-Z

Not so Hard (As A Motherfucker)

Kanye & Jay-Z have teamed up once again for what’s rumored to be a 5-track EP, entitled Watch the Throne, with an expected release date sometime in March. So until Kanye’s GOOD Fridays start dropping again, we’ve got a teaser of Watch the Throne‘s first single – H•A•M (Hard as a Motherfucker).

Now, as much as I was anticipating their first single, I wondered what Kanye & Jay-Z would do with a track titled H•A•M. Hearing it stood for Hard as a Motherfucker, my first thought was wouldn’t it be H•A•A•M […]

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Fire Dust (White Panda Mashup) – feat. Lil’ Wayne

Give me the sounds, Panda.

How I haven’t featured these two white pandas before, I don’t know – I mean, they’re one of the groups that turned me onto BandCamp in the first place. I guess I was waitin’ for something new to lay down for y’all.

The White Panda released a new track on SoundCloud and it’s one hell of a dubstep mashup. Of course I’m a sucker for Lil’ Wayne reworks – he could take some production advice from peeps like these and the many others that have done justice to Weezy’s rhymes […]

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Chiddy Bang featured on Need for Speed

Opposite of Adults in Hot Pursuit!

This may be old news to you Chiddy Bang fans, but damn did I get excited when I heard them on the television. Chiddy Bang was recently featured on a Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit commercial. The commercial features Chiddy’s relatively known remix of MGMT’s “Kids”, appropriately titled “Opposite of Adults.”

The videogame clip wasn’t all that impressive considering just the game, but hearing Chiddy over the clip got me going – it’s nice to see someone you’ve supported over the last year actually get some notoriety. I’ve said this in many past posts on Chiddy, these guys have so much potential, I just hope they keep up with […]

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[audio:Opposite-Of-Adults.mp3|titles=Opposite of Adults]