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Minnesota Nice by Atmosphere

featuring Prof (Stophouse), Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli

Here’s a nice new track to kick off Atmo’s Welcome to Minnesota tour.

“Minnesota Nice” features a few fresh MC’s, including Prof (Stophouse), Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli, but somewhat lacks anything new from Slug and Ant. It does go well with their recent work, which has a been a nice step along the years, but I’m eagerly awaiting what’s next. It’s still nice to hear the love for MN and is a good start to a healthy Rhymesayers year.

Make sure to hit up the mini tour if you’re around the area – plus, you may just see me out there (and wouldn’t that be sweet)

Genre: Hip-Hop
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Slug (Sean Daley): MC
Ant (Anthony Davis): DJ, Producer
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Albums: Overcast | God Loves Ugly | Seven’s Travels | You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having | […]
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