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SoundKlout 4 : K-Murdock

From Panacea to Forever Famicom and beyond.

I was first introduced to K-Murdock through his stylings with Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM). He’s not technically a part of the band, but has contributed to it, as you’ll soon see. I’ve mostly gotten to know his work through Panacea and more recently his collaboration with Mega Ran, entitled Forever Famicom. But now going through his SoundCloud, I’m beginning to realize how much more he has to offer.

I’ll admit, I was a Raw Poetic fanatic and didn’t want to hear anything K would do without him. It took me long enough to listen to him and Mega Ran, but now hearing everything else, I realize how expansive his sound is. As much as I love his work in Panacea, I began to lose touch with them in their more recent albums. Going through all his other side projects on SC, from his work with rap artists I’ve admired for years to some absolutely gorgeous female vocals I’ve never heard, I’m pissed I didn’t get to it til now.

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SoundKlout 3 : Hooky

If you like dubstep, you'll love this guy

I gotta warn you, if you don’t like dubstep, this probably isn’t for you. I completely understand why people don’t like it, I’m not quite sure why I do. However, it’s one of the most experimental genres & anything that forward-thinking, at leasts get my attention.

Hooky is a little different than the dubstep I usually listen to. For the most part I listen to dubstep remixes, I find a lot of regular dubstep to be frivolous with no real aim, but remixes tend to focus on the original tune… or should! However, Hooky has created a lot of his own work that I very much appreciate and, although I’m sure it takes a certain crowd, is worth checking out.

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The Weeknd ·· Thursday

Will it stack up to House of Balloons, can it stack up to "What You Need"?

I have a feeling that just about every everyone I know is gonna be praising The Weeknd’s second mixtape, Thursday, which just released. And as much as I’m not here to fight or agree with them, I do have one thing that I’ve always wondered about Abel (The Weeknd) and his rise to fame.

I remember thinking to myself a while back, why the hell hasn’t The Weeknd (Weekend at the time) blown up, yet Now that it’s happened, I’m wondering what the hell happened Abel is no longer working with the original producer of “What You Need,” Jeremy Rose. The track was their kickstart and it’s sad, for whatever reason, to hear they’re no longer working together. I’m not saying Doc Mckinney or Illangelo haven’t created their own hot mess with Abel, but “What You Need” just had so much fucking chemistry.

Be as it may, House of Balloons was pretty amazing as a whole. So far my favorite thing about Thursday is, actually, the production. So I guess I’ll just have to see where Abel takes his voice in this one and wherever his heads gone now.

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[audio:Heaven-Las-Vegas.mp3|titles=Heaven or Las Vegas]

Kenton Dunson (feat. Passion Pit) · Top of the World

"They say my head is in the clouds.. head is in the clouds.."

Hot off the heels of the release of Creative Destruction 2, Kenton Dunson is back with a brand release titled “Top of the World” in celebration of his album reaching over 100,000 downloads in little over a month. In his own words, the theme of song is based on the fact that “the internet is the proving to be the most powerful tool for upcoming artists like myself. You can really see the world and when that world is moved by your art…it’s an amazing feeling. So, I based the song partially from that but also wanted to release one for those of us who are not only ambitious, but actually act on it and eventually succeed. Once you achieve your goal, don’t look back…don’t come down […]

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[audio:|titles=Kenton Dunson – Top of the World Feat. Passion Pit]

SoundKlout 2 : Funkanomics

Funkifying the hip-hop game, one track at a time.

This trio, hailing from southern Germany, takes the hip-hop game and funkifies it with “beautiful crunchy bass lines, coupled with pumping grooves.” Never would I thought such funky-ass remixes could come from Germany, but they are definitely one of the top players in this funksta game right now.

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SoundKlout 1 : Appo

"His passion was and still is, Soul."

Our “SoundKlout” series is all about finding the best artists SoundCloud has to offer. Each article will spotlight a SoundClouder that’s got a handful of good music. If you know anyone that needs noticing, make sure to hit us up with a few of theirs tracks!

We’re also kicking it all off with a possible mixtape (depending on you). Check out the details here and make sure to participate!

I decided on Appo as my first pick because he has a handle on the downtempo remixes // re-edits. Even better, he takes ’em and brings back some soulful vocals from waayyy back in the day. There is, however, one thing that got me frustrated going over his fifty tracks on SoundCloud.

It didn’t bug me that his music averaged over 8 minutes long, downtempo // chill music is usually better on the longer side, but for the most part it didn’t get into […]

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White Town · Your Woman (The White Panda Remix)

If you're gonna mash, put a little remix in there too.

It’s not easy mashing something up with a popular instrumental, people don’t like the tracks they grew up with getting fucked with, but if you do it like the Pandas do, remix it a bit and then mash it up, it puts a new twist to the classic.

In their latest, the pair takes White Town’s original, “Your Woman” (90’s hit), and remixes it to a more current/electro-vibe. To top it off, they lay some Dorrough raps down, which surprisingly go well.

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[audio:Your-Woman.mp3|titles=Your Woman (The White Panda Remix)]

Jay-Z Mashups · Part 2: Rockin’ out with RHCP

& gettin' dirty with The Prodigy. This is the future of Jay-Z (or should be).

Wrappin’ up this list of the best Jay-Z Mashups – & a few remixes – we move on to Jay-Z in a modern rock, electronic styling. What I really wanted to get out of these was to show Jay-Z in a different light // in a different genre. And that’s exactly what you’ll find. Would love to hear him do an electronic or jazz-based album (in muh dreams), but until then I’ll rely on these mashups.

On to the Mashups »

[audio:Even-Dirt.mp3|titles=Even Dirt Off Your Shoulder After All (KMT Mix)]

Michael Froh – The Triple Threat

Bringing his experience with metal & hardcore to the electronic scene

First and foremost, welcome to my first post.  Have fun with it.  Now for the show…

A triple threat like many making music today, Michael Froh is a DJ, Producer, and Vocalist from Saskatchewan, Canada.  However, he has something that isn’t seen too often; he’s brought his experience with metal and hardcore to the electronic scene.  Now you may sit there and think “Skrillex sounds like that”… but it’s much different […]

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Flight Facilities · Foreign Language (feat. Jess)

Disco Resurfaced - Long live Disco, the mother of electro music.

When Flight Facilities released their second solo track, “Foreign Language”, the duo made it very clear that their light and airy disco electronica is the next big thing.  Believe me, I’m a girl who loves some fat and crunchy bass drops, but something about these Aussies resurfacing disco has got me all excited. Maybe it’s because I shop at American Apparel and drink Kombucha, or maybe it’s because I’ve been loving the jams featuring fresh female vocals lately, but regardless, I’m digging the feel-good 70s mood of this song, hard.  However, it’s not just the song that’s got me blogging, it’s the bootleg video that’s surfaced on Youtube. […]

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[audio:Foreign-Language.mp3|titles=Foreign Language (feat. Jess)]