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Kenton Dunson (feat. Passion Pit) · Top of the World

"They say my head is in the clouds.. head is in the clouds.."

Hot off the heels of the release of Creative Destruction 2, Kenton Dunson is back with a brand release titled “Top of the World” in celebration of his album reaching over 100,000 downloads in little over a month. In his own words, the theme of song is based on the fact that “the internet is the proving to be the most powerful tool for upcoming artists like myself. You can really see the world and when that world is moved by your art…it’s an amazing feeling. So, I based the song partially from that but also wanted to release one for those of us who are not only ambitious, but actually act on it and eventually succeed. Once you achieve your goal, don’t look back…don’t come down!”

The song uses a sample from Passion Pit’s “The Reeling” as a base for the song in which Kenton built from there using syncopated drum sequences, 808s, raw lyrics and vocal layers. Indie rock sampled Hip Hop songs have become common place these days, almost too common, and after a few listens the edginess of them seems to wear off. That’s not the case with “Top of the World” as the great vocals and additional production allows the song to stand apart from the base track “The Reeling.” It is far from the usual “loop an indie rock song, add drums” type Hip Hop tracks that seemed to popping up on the internet left and right. Not to mention, isn’t it refreshing to hear a re-interpolation of a Passion Pit track that isn’t “Sleepyhead”?

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Kenton Dunson
Genre: Hip-hop
Origin: Savage, Maryland
Label: Independent
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