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Kid Cudi · No One Believes Me

A video & track for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night.

I love just about everything Cudi does, but damn is he goin’ pop… which is making me go pop :( Okay, he’s not making me do anything, but I do love what he’s doin – even it’s for the mainstream media.

In his most recent track, “No One Believes Me”, Kid Cudi dishes out the usual manic depressiveness, but with a bit darker theme for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night. It may be a bit less soulful, which got me into Cudi in the first place, but I can’t hate on an artist that’s trying to expand their sound – more artists should do the same.

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[audio:No-One-Believes-Me.mp3|titles=No One Believes Me]

Shad K Freestyle

The Biggest Thing Outta Canada Since Pamela's Double D's.

The whole notion of the G.O.A.T is thrown around all too loosely nowadays, but listen to any track from 28-year-old Shad K and you’ll understand why he holds the title in my books. The London, Ontario, Canada based MC nabbed a Juno earlier this year for Best Rap Recording, ousting out Young Money heavyweight Drake. Check out this freestyle where Shad showcases his skills-packing punchlines for 6 minutes on end.

Feel free to check out Shad’s other efforts, I guarantee you they will not disappoint. His latest album, TSOL, is out now on Black Box Recordings.

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[audio:Front-Garage.mp3|titles=The One In Front of the Garage]

Contest to Celebrate the Release of The Ronin

++ Win a chance to talk with K-Murdock on his radio show, Subsoniq!

For our second contest with K-Murdock, we’re celebrating the release of The Ronin, a 7-track EP filled with songs produced by K over the past three years. He decided to center the EP around independence because the tracks were all wandering singles floating around in pro tools until he decided to compile them all into an EP. The title, Ronin, also refers to the samurais of the feudal period who were independent of any masters […]

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[audio:Wu-Tang-Joint.mp3|titles=The Wu-tang Joint]

Gotye (feat. Kimbra) · Somebody That I Used to Know

It’s light, but painful and true.  It’s melodic but harsh.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty equal opportunity listener when it comes to my iTunes.  That’s why I was surprised when I was looking through new music and ended up going back and listening to this song a good 50 times more than any other “recently added” tune on the list.

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[audio:Used-To-Know.mp3|titles=Somebody That I Used to Know]

Jay-Z Mashups · Part 1: From Bach to Classic Rock

A few of these may even beat their originals (don't quote me on this)

I’ve compiled 13 Jay-Z mashups & remixes in a two-part series. Part 1 is with instrumentals from way back in the day, mostly classic rock tracks, but a few other surprises in there too. The second part is everything from the 90’s till now. It still touches on a lot of rock, but expands into other famous hip-hop tracks and even into the futuristic electronic jams.

As you can imagine, finding Jay-Z mashups wasn’t too hard. However, the biggest issue I had in compiling this was the abundance of shit quality remixes. Quite a few would’ve actually made this list if I could’ve found a better version, but I hunted down the best and made sure they were up on here! (it was a pain)

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[audio:Run-This-Town-Mars-Remix.mp3|titles=Run This Town (Bach // Rihanna // Kanye // Jay-Z Mashup)]

Jay-Z & Kanye ·· Watch the Throne

Not just a bunch of HAM releases, thank god.

After listening to Watch the Throne and right before I go to bed, I wanted to throw out the tracks that stuck out the most on the first listen. Right from the start, most of you will recognize “Who Gon Stop Me” samples Flux Pavillion’s “I Can’t Stop”. Like how they slowed it and smoothed the dubstep out a lil – although, I would of loved to hear Jay-Z & Kanye rap over Bass Music.

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[audio:Why-I-Love-You.mp3|titles=Why I Love You]

DJ White Lotus ·· Classic Rap Mashups

Biggie vs Kanye vs The Verve vs Beastie Boys vs Wu-Tang

White Lotus may not have much to chose from on SoundCloud, yet, but from what’s up so far, let’s just say if he keeps this momentum up he’ll be suffocating the top slots soon. Check out my three favorites, if you like hip-hop // you’ll like this.

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[audio:Suicidal-Thoughts-White-Lotus.mp3|titles=Suicidal Thoughts (White Lotus Runaway Mashup)]

Lyrics Born · Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Remix)

Party Ben RMXs Lyrics Born + a few mashups from back in the day

While everyone else is remixing Lil’ Wayne or Ellie Goulding, Party Ben takes to the underground and reignites my love for this funkman from the Bay, Lyrics Born. Party Ben’s remix of “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” made me realize, above all else, how catchy this shit is. The original was a little too pop for me, and although this still has it’s fair share, Party Ben mixes in some heavy electro grooves that get those asses shakin’.

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[audio:Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda-Party-Ben.mp3|titles=Coulda Shoulda Woulda (Party Ben Remix) (feat. Sam Sparro)]

Wolfgang Gartner · Menage A Trois (Original Mix)

It's one dance floor dropper, but how does it stack up to his past?

I’ve had my ups and downs with Gartner. The track that introduced me to him, “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony,” fuckin rocked, but I had my doubts that it may just be an Amadeus kick. Next came “Illmerica“, which solidified my fan-ness (sooo illlll). After that, however, was his stint with Was not a fan at all, but I still understood the move. Now comes his single, “Menage A Trois”, for his upcoming Weekend In America album.

I’ve got mixed feelings for “Menage A Trois”. On the one hand, it’s definitely a dance floor killer – gotta love those slick breaks. However, compared to his first couple singles that got me into him, doesn’t even compare. Nevertheless, I need more house bangers, so hear ya are. Just gotta wait for Weekend In America for more of my meaningless judgement.

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[audio:Menage-A-Trois.mp3|titles=Menage A Trois (Original Mix)]

Three Gabriell Remixes

for this fuckin' muggy-ass summer

Take a breath of fresh air ladies and gentlemen, the summer heatwave is finally over! Well, not really but these will lighten the load a bit. Nothin’ like some funky, fresh, feel good summertime vibes. Enjoy.

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[audio:Scary-Monsters-Gabriell.mp3|titles=Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Gabriell Remix)]