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Jay-Z Mashups · Part 1: From Bach to Classic Rock

A few of these may even beat their originals (don't quote me on this)

I’ve compiled 13 Jay-Z mashups & remixes in a two-part series. Part 1 is with instrumentals from way back in the day, mostly classic rock tracks, but a few other surprises in there too. The second part is everything from the 90’s till now. It still touches on a lot of rock, but expands into other famous hip-hop tracks and even into the futuristic electronic jams.

As you can imagine, finding Jay-Z mashups wasn’t too hard. However, the biggest issue I had in compiling this was the abundance of shit quality remixes. Quite a few would’ve actually made this list if I could’ve found a better version, but I hunted down the best and made sure they were up on here! (it was a pain)

Hit us up with your favorites that we missed in the comments below
(maybe I’ll feature them in Part 2 // should be out next Monday)

Djs from MarsRun This Town (Bach // Rihanna // Kanye // Jay-Z Mashup)
What better place to begin this epic Jay-Z mashup mixtape than with a classic // Bach classic. In this mashup by Djs from Mars, Jay-Z’s “Run This Town”, featuring Rihanna & Kanye, is mixed with some Bach composition [who’s got the name // not trained in the classics ;)]… and some bass thrown in.

[audio:Run-This-Town-Mars-Remix.mp3|titles=Run This Town (Bach // Rihanna // Kanye // Jay-Z Mashup)]

Cookin Soul – Success (Elvis // Jay-Z Mashup) (feat. Nas)
“I use to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less.”
“I use to give a shit, now I don’t give a shit more.”

Mashups put rappers and singers into expanding genres. It’s unfortunate that more artists don’t take the hint // expand your tastes. On this remix of “Success”, Cookin Soul brings in a little King of Rock to help Hov. Not a fan of Cookin Soul’s tags at the beginning & end, although, they aren’t as annoying as I’ve seen before.

[audio:Success-Cookin-Soul.mp3|titles=Success (Elvis // Jay-Z Mashup) (feat. Nas)]

Jay Z Big Pimpin

Clinton Rhone – Foxey Lady II (Jimi Hendrix x Jay-Z Mashup)
Every time I hear “Foxey Lady”, all I can think of is Garth giving that chipmunk face and those “foxey” ears. But ya can’t beat Jay-Z on top of some of the best guitar playin’ around.

[audio:Foxey-Lady.mp3|titles=Foxey Lady 2 (Jimi Hendrix x Jay-Z Mashup)]

Danger Mouse – Public Service Announcement (The Beatles // Jay-Z Mashup)
Probably the most acclaimed hip-hop mashup album, Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album was one serious piece of freshness. Now, just about anyone is mashing up Jay-Z or The Beatles, but back then people didn’t know what hit ’em.

[audio:Public-Service-Announcement.mp3|titles=Public Service Announcement (The Beatles // Jay-Z Mashup)]

Joneses – Stairway To Subliminal Heaven (Led Zeppelin // Jay-Z // Gramatik Mashup)
The “Stairway to Heaven” instrumental was actually remixed by Gramatik in this. Then Joneses decided to put Jay-Z’s “Subliminal Message” over it. Not too shabbay.

[audio:Subliminal-Heaven.mp3|titles=Stairway To Subliminal Heaven (Led Zeppelin // Jay-Z // Gramatik Mashup)]

Shuko and The Gunna – Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil Wayne (Marvin Gaye x Jay-Z Mashup)
Love how this reminds me of the OutKast // George Michael mashup (one of the last tracks), ’cause there ain’t nothin better than fine raps over soulful beats.

[audio:Hello-Brooklyn-2.mp3|titles=Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil Wayne (Marvin Gaye x Jay-Z Mashup)]

When we get 50 FB shares//likes, Tweets or +1’s, I’ll zip this all up for y’all (good quality too)

Jay-Z swag