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Gotye (feat. Kimbra) · Somebody That I Used to Know

It’s light, but painful and true.  It’s melodic but harsh.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty equal opportunity listener when it comes to my iTunes.  That’s why I was surprised when I was looking through new music and ended up going back and listening to this song a good 50 times more than any other “recently added” tune on the list.

Gotye (feat. Kimbra) – Somebody That I Used to Know

Who would have thought a Belgium-born, Aussie singer who has been on the music scene since 2001 could make such a bang 10 years after his debut album release? But the guy has certainly found his niche. And a wicked-good music video director.

This song is just so many things at once that the result is completely mesmerizing.  It’s light, but painful and true.  It’s melodic but harsh.  And do I hear a hint of Peter Gabriel in that belt? Gotye and Kimbra’s voices are so beautiful in harmony that after it finishes, I almost feel deprived.  I think this could be a big hit for any indie and experimental fans out there.  People who enjoy the cathartic feeling of Bon Iver or James Blake may get a similar feel from this guy.

And need I mention Kimbra?? She’s a kiwi to look out for, whose releases include a damn good cover of Nina Simone. You don’t see that everyday.

The simplicity of the new Gotye makes it an ample target for some deep bass-filled remixes.  Faux Pas has been given first dibs for an official remix, and by their preview it looks like a little slice of experimental mastery, with some post-dubstep thrown in there for good measure.

I’m looking forward to seeing the expansion of both Gotye and Kimbra, and seeing how his remixes progress.  Do we perhaps have some club bangers on the way?