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Michael Froh – The Triple Threat

Bringing his experience with metal & hardcore to the electronic scene

Michael Froh Live

Froh's Origins

First and foremost, welcome to my first post.  Have fun with it.  Now for the show…

A triple threat like many making music today, Michael Froh is a DJ, Producer, and Vocalist from Saskatchewan, Canada.  However, he has something that isn’t seen too often; he’s brought his experience with metal and hardcore to the electronic scene.  Now you may sit there and think “Skrillex sounds like that”… but it’s much different.

Normally I’d start at the beginning, however, this track sucked me in at 1:08.  I literally heard an orgasm and then went into an eargasm.  On my first listen, the bass dropped and I stood up out of my rinky-dink chair to throw it across the room while having a spastic attack.  Back to the opening.

The song opens with synth that reminds me of lights and bells for some reason; why? I’ll probably never know.  After his vocals, the song hits decent and you think, “this is probably how it’ll go all the way through.” Wrong.  It is my favorite song of his so far, simply for the freak out factor and an Ace Ventura reference towards the end.  Anyway, enjoy listening and check out the remix done by Eric Farias put out by Braslive Records, it doesn’t disappoint.

It doesn’t come in super-hard or soft, nothing especially dynamic, until you hear the first words.  The tagline is witty and makes me smile every time I hear it.  After the breakdowns I was left thinking, “Where did my face go?” Yes, I just referenced a cheesy “Rocked my face off” line.

Michael Froh

This track is much different than the others, it has more of a “poppy-vibe” to it, but don’t mistake that for a bad thing.  When it hits, the poppy vibe really melds well together with the little bit of crazy that’s thrown in there.  Overall, I think this track has a really good possibility of being one of Froh’s best; too bad it’s just a preview.

Froh says that soon he’ll be pushing out remixes with the likes of Darth vs. Vader and Karetus, both of whom I think would make some amazing mixes, so saying the least, I’m waiting. (Elevic actually just did a remix of his song “I Got Friends”, it’s good.)  You can buy his songs at Michael Froh’s Beatport.

Reese’s Peaces,


Michael Froh
Genre: Electronica
Origin: Regina, Canada
Michael Froh on: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud