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The Fall by Gorillaz

A cross country set just in time for the holidays.

The Fall was released yesterday, ending the Gorillaz Advent calendar. The album was created by the Gorillaz while on tour, with each track representing a stop on the way.

I’ve heard a few people criticize the album for its unusual take on the Gorillaz sound. Its minimal, electro dominated tracks may be a slight variance to the usual, but their ability to blend and create new styles is what made them so great in the first place. It may be difficult to vibe with this right now, but like all of their music, it just takes some time to get use to. A few, however, have sparked my interest so far […]

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[audio:Amarillo.mp3,Bobby-In-Phoenix.mp3|titles=Amarillo,Bobby in Phoenix]

Up From Low (Busta Remix), Originally by Rench

Country gone Electronic?.. well, kinda/not really.

My favorite Alt Rock groups usually incorporate electronic instrumentals, but this is my first Country singer with an electro remix that I liked. I honestly couldn’t tell that Rench’s original, “Up From Low”, was a Country song, though I doubt most can. His voice actually reminds me of Damon Albarn’s of Gorillaz & Blur, probably because the mix of a detached, tripped-out vocalist with electro instrumentals was pretty much perfected by the guy.

As for what Busta has given to Rench’s vocals, he’s done a job on the original and has created something I’m sure Rench would never have imagined. I wouldn’t consider this dubstep, but it definitely has […]

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The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixxx)

A tribute to John Lennon

Last night I went to First Avenue in Minneapolis and saw a group cover John Lennon for the memorial of his death 30 years ago. It was a little more lively than I thought a bunch of 60 year olds would be, but it was a hell of a time.

So I decided to do a little tribute myself by collecting the best Mixes & Mashes of his work with The Beatles, as well as his solo work. Until that’s complete, here’s one of the best dubstep remixes I’ve ever heard, Beatles or otherwise […]

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[audio:Eleanor-Rigby-4centers-Remix.mp3|titles=Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixxx)]

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Times Like These Acoustic by Foo Fighters

In need of an acoustic timeout.

I’ve been in need of a break from all the electronic I’ve been posting lately. So I thought a classic gone acoustic would do it right.

Foo Fighters’ acoustic version of “Times Like These”, at first, reminded me of Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack – the acoustic guitar reminds me of scenes of the wild now. But after the first few seconds Dave Grohl takes over with that soothing voice of his.

I’ve never been much of a Foo Fighters fan, or Nirvana for that matter (Pearl Jam fan), but this acoustic version […]

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Lollipop That Juicy Pussy (Lil’ Wayne Rock Cover)

by Framing Hanley - Shorty wanna thug?

I first caught this a year back on The Current. It may be a couple years old, but it’s one of the most well done rock renditions of a hip-hop song.

I’m not one for post-grunge rock or Lil Wayne, for that matter, but Framing Hanley takes Lil Weezy’s original and turns it into a alt rock treat. I will say, however, the extensive amount of covers, remixes and mashups that artists have been doing with Lil Wayne’s originals have been putting his music in a better light.

If you’ve got any good hip-hop to rock covers, post ’em up!

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[audio:Lollipop-That-Juicy-Pussy.mp3|titles=Lollipop That Juicy Pussy (Lil’ Wayne Rock Cover)]

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A Whole Lotta Love for My Adidas

I had to touch back on Beat Torrent because their second album is suppose to be dropping soon (or was suppose to in October). Here’s a friendly reminder to get that shit out (I promise to promote)!

Short post, my typing has been temporarily handicapped :(

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[audio:My-Adidas-BT-RMX.mp3,Whole-Lotta-Love-BT-RMX.mp3|titles=My Adidas (BT RMX),Whole Lotta Love (BT RMX)]

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Stars & Stripes: The White Stripes Reimagined

Hip-Hop and Rock, together again.

Bare with me while I get this mashup obsession out of me (if I can).

My latest find is from an LA based mixer, Adrian Champion. Adrian’s idea of mashing up a few White Stripes beats with the top hip-hop MC’s of the last couple decades is a legendary move, but Adrian seems to make it a much bigger point than it actually is.

At the start of each track, he decides to plaster his name and a pretentious oxymoron over each track (sample shown here). We know it’s a legendary idea, but slapping it all over […]

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[audio:Cash-Run.mp3,Turn-It-Up.mp3,Icky-Says.mp3,|titles=Cash Run,Turn It Up,Icky Says]

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Daily Routine (Phaseone Rmx) by Animal Collective

No idea what they're saying; then again who cares.

Remixes are startin to take over here. With all the musical resources I go through – Hypem/SoundCloud/etc – remixes and mashups are always toppin the charts.

Phaseone’s remix would be the most recent addition and it’s a damn fine one at that. I listened to the damn thing nearly a dozen times before I moved on to something else – I have a bad habit of listening to a song over and over until I kill it for everyone else.

Thanks to AK JIGGA for this one.

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[audio:Daily-Routine-Phaseone-Remix.mp3|titles=Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix)]

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BT Live Set 2009 by BEAT TORRENT


From The Beatles to Run DMC, these French fucks know how to mix up a rockin’ playlist. Just about every one of these RMX’s topped the original – yes, even The Beatles’s “Back in the USSR”.

Give my two favorite a listen and go to BEAT TORRENT’s bandcamp to check out the full LP. They’re also expected to release a new album by the end of November – I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.

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[audio:Back-In-The-USSR-BT-RMX.mp3,No-One-Knows-BT-RMX.mp3|titles=Back in the USSR BT RMX,No One Knows BT RMX]

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Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys (feat. Intuition)

"and I can't get lost in your world"

First heard Intuition on his song “Al Bundy” almost a year back. So when I heard he did an edit of The Black Key’s “Psychotic Girl”, I knew he’d cut up some nasty lines for this blues rock band.

“Psychotic Girl” gives the typical tale of a seemingly normal gal that shows her true colors when you’re least expecting it. Intuition’s thoughts go well with The Black Keys’ original vocals, especially against those back beat blues.

I would’ve liked Intuition’s flow a bit slower paced and better volumized (volumized), but he did a damn fine job at picking a song that was meant for him to lay some dirtay lines over.

Now off to listen to The Black Key’s discography :)

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[audio:Psychotic-Girl.mp3|titles=Psychotic Girl (feat. Intuition)]

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