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Bitter:Sweet ·· The Remix Game

Starry-eyed with Shana Halligan's stunning voice

The Remix Game got together a handful of fairly-known electronic artists back in ’07 to remix Bitter:Sweet’s original album, The Mating Game. With one of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard, Shana Halligan’s vocals layered with these downtempo vibes make this prone to a somber groove with another. Make sure to give the full album a play, but here’s a few of my finest selections.

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[audio:Bittersweet-Faith.mp3|titles=Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation Remix)]

Blackmill · Spirit of Life

Straying away from the hellish dubstep to the more heavenly.

Blackmill continues to amaze me with a style of dubstep that few are attempting, melodic dubstep. Most dubstep producers are taking to the rave scene, throwing together aimless tracks and trying to pull off the most progressive sound. And as much as dubstep is the experimental hotspot right now, a focus is still necessary in putting it all together, though that focus may still seem a bit odd to anyone outside the dubstep scene.

Props to Blackmill for deviating from the norm, even though it may seem more “normal” than the actual dubstep scene right now.

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[audio:Spirit-Of-Life.mp3|titles=Spirit of Life]

Bon Iver · Calgary

Whole lotta love for that upper Midwest music

I’m either a real early adopter or a very late bloomer when it comes to music, or really anything, and I definitely matured into Bon Iver a little later than half the ‘net. My first taste of the group was when listening to GAYNGS‘ debut album, Relayted. I was introduced to it all by Ryan Olson, the dude who put it all together, and had already heard of SOLID GOLD, but despite their internet fandom I wasn’t all that keen to them. And I must admit it took me a while to understand Bon Iver’s folksy vibe, it’s really not one I’m all too familiar with. But once I did, I can understand why half the internet is obsessed with these Indie Folk fellows […]

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The Weeknd · High For This (Downpour Remix)

+ second mixtape, Thursday, is right around the corner.

A crop of Weeknd remixes have been sproutin’ up since The Weeknd’s first mixtape, House of Balloons, dropped just under two months ago. However, none have done any real justice to their original’s, up until possibly now.

Downpour’s remix is an even grimier take on The Weeknd’s “High For This”, taking Abel’s sorrowed vocals into an even more hellish dubstep grind. ** if you don’t do dustep, you won’t like this.

In other Weeknd updates, a recent Twitter post indicated the second mixtape, Thursday, is right around the corner – which’ll be the second installment in The Weeknd’s, starwars trilogy of music, ‘balloon trilogy’ – thank you twitter, haha ;) Let’s hope it drops this Thursday… no more teasing us!

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[audio:High-For-This-Remix.mp3|titles=High For This (Downpour Remix)]

Just Go With It: The Mashups

Wanna hear the best mashup soundtrack? Just Go With This

Just Go With It is another standard Hollywood romantic comedy with the occasional Sandler wit, but one thing that sets it apart, in particularly, is the well done mashups that play throughout the film.

I’ve collected five to share with you, although they aren’t the mastered versions. According to Party Ben, who put together two of the five mashups, Sony has no plans on releasing them, yet. But he mentioned that if we get enough hype going it may just happen. So hit up the comments below and let’s get this going. In the meantime, here are some quality mashup songs/videos and a little story on how this all came about.

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[audio:Cant-Stand-Beggin.mp3|titles=Can’t Stand Beggin’ (Madcon // The Police mashup)]

Glimpsing into DOSVEC’s Glimpses

Plus we got to ask a few questions to this mashup madman!

I had the chance to sit down with one of the most featured mashup artists on here, DOSVEC, and pick at his brain a little. With the questions below, I wanted to get an introduction on how he went about mashing up tracks. Then we go into his upcoming mixtape, Glimpses, set to release in just under two weeks (May 23).

Make sure to check out the Q&A and if you have any further questions hit it up in the comments below and hopefully we can get him to answer some more! Also, check out one track off Glimpses, “Nelly Furtado vs Florence & The Machine”, an exclusive for just you all!

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[audio:Lollipop-Dosvec.mp3|titles=Lil Wayne vs We Bang (DOSVEC Mashup) Lollipop]

Hooky · R K’d

Important! wait for the second drop...

First thing that popped in my head when listening to Hooky’s newest track, “R K’d”, was right before the build up, the “pops” sounded so much like Mario jumping straight outta Super Mario Bros. 2 (specifically that one for some reason). Then shortly after (well, it was a bit longer), I realized that “R K’d” is “arcade” – I’m a little slow, I know.

But other than that dumb witted thought, “R K’d” is another fresh dubstep mind melter from the Hookster. My favorite track from his will probably always be his remix of “Make You Pop”, it really solified my appreciation for dubstep, but it’s nice to know he doesn’t always have to rely on remixes and, more importantly, he can actually pull off something on his own.

Edit: shot Hooky an email about the Mario thang and he made the sound all on his own (damn!)
More importantly, as “Dan the man” pointed out, wait for the second drop – one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

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[audio:RKd.mp3|titles=R K’d]

Monday Mixer #11 – Dubstep Remixes

A wide variety of tracks chosen by only the best

This week it was my turn to pick/host the Monday Mixer, in which a bunch of blogs get together and each submits a track based on that week’s theme. I decided to go with a “dubstep remix” theme because of my growing interest in dubstep, one I’m still trying to figure out myself.

When I picked the theme, I thought I was going to get a lot of submissions that, honestly, I wouldn’t enjoy. The internet, more specifically SoundCloud, has been plagued by a shitload of beyond ellaborate, gaudy attempts at dubstep. But to my surprise, not only are there a handful of well-chosen, tasteful remixes, but styles of dubstep I haven’t got into myself. From a more downtempo vibe to a Pretty Lights hit, this is a diverse mix that you all better enjoy ’cause I wanna look good for these blogs ;) enjoy!

Check Out Each Blog’s Pick »

[audio:We-Dont-Eat-Remix.mp3|titles=We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Remix)]

Mike Posner · Cooler Than Me (Anarbor Rock Remix)

Puttin' some Rock into Posner

I initially chalked this off as just another Mike Posner remix and didn’t think much of it. Coming back to it I realize the little things that make it something worth checking out.

What I like about Anarbor’s remix of “Cooler Than Me” really has nothing to do with Posner’s part at all – Slade Echeverria’s vocals are what really got me interested in this after a few listens. I really wasn’t feeling the rock vibe at first, but warmed up to it once I started paying attention to Slade’s vocals. It could’ve easily been just a rock cover, but the group throws in Posner’s vocals, giving it a nice touch.

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[audio:Cooler-Than-Me-Remix.mp3|titles=Cooler Than Me (Anarbor Rock Remix)]

Two Super Awesome “Eyes on Fire” Remixes

by Beautiful Confusion & Ariel The Mercurial

First caught Beautiful Confusion’s remix of Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire” on Dirty Mexican Lemonade and thought I should see if there were any other good remixes out there. There were quite a few to choose from, including one by Zeds Dead, but these two were by far my favorite.

Beautiful Confusion’s gets the gold star for this one. He blends those dreamy pop vocals from Blue Foundation’s original nicely into a dubstep tune out.

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[audio:Eyes-On-Fire-Remix.mp3|titles=Eyes on Fire (Beautiful Confusion Remix)]