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Mike Posner · Cooler Than Me (Anarbor Rock Remix)

Puttin' some Rock into Posner

I initially chalked this off as just another Mike Posner remix and didn’t think much of it. Coming back to it I realize the little things that make it something worth checking out.

What I like about Anarbor’s remix of “Cooler Than Me” really has nothing to do with Posner’s part at all – Slade Echeverria’s vocals are what really got me interested in this after a few listens. I really wasn’t feeling the rock vibe at first, but warmed up to it once I started paying attention to Slade’s vocals. It could’ve easily been just a rock cover, but the group throws in Posner’s vocals, giving it a nice touch.

[audio:Cooler-Than-Me-Remix.mp3|titles=Cooler Than Me (Anarbor Rock Remix)]
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Genre: Rock
Styles: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Members: Slade Echeverria, Mike Kitlas, Adam Juwig, Greg Garrity
Label: Hopeless Records
Anarbor on: Tumblr | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Wikipedia | MySpace