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Disco is to Dance

cause if you can't disco, ya sure as hell can't dance

There is no other sound more fun to dance to than disco. However fast or slow, it brings the spirit to soul music. This may only be our second mix of its kind (#1), but it’s got some soon to be disco legends for sure. So whether you’re alone or in public, get up & dance to this 13-track disco mix.
Seriously, you better start dancin‘ or this just isn’t worth the listen.

If you enjoy this mix, please make sure to share it with your friends.

I loved this to death before it, but after I saw the music video for Goldroom’s ‘Only You Can Show Me,’ I knew this was one of the most spirited disco tracks of the year. So forget the audio only version and get wrapped up in the video below (so candid).

[youtube width=”618″ height=”348″][/youtube]

Daft Punk · Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit)

‘Get Lucky’ on its own may not amount to much with us this year, but the remixes sure are a prize. Vanderway’s vocal edit takes one of the original ‘Get Lucky’ samples and sets in some vocals that overtake even Pharrell’s originals.

I don’t know where he pulls half his vocals from, which ‘Love Strong’ is a shining example of, but they’re always fucking soul fantastic. I see alotta disco every day, but not enough producers pick enough vocals with character & style such as this.

I see too many vocalists sink into their own sound and never give something different a chance. Josh Jakq may not have strechted too far with his Ghosts of Venice collab, but disco is definitely a good step foward.

All of these are dance floor killers, but damn if Bishiclet & Super Fuzzy don’t make up the one that gets me going most. So much so these sped up, chipmunk vocals flow with soul.

This may take a second to get up & going and take a little indie breather in the middle, but for the most part this Kostrok disco remix is of the most inspiring of the year and boast one of the best build ups at that. Rock out to this indie track gon’ disco gold – pumps you up like no.other!

I first found this in the form of AMTRAC’s chopped & skewed remix. Slowly though, Milwaukee’s original disco stew has warmed my disco heart. Usually the first version I hear wins the cake, but this time disco beats out soul.

“Sometimes a bad boy cries, sometimes a good girl lies to get what she wants.”

Anabel Englund’s voice might just be my favorite of 2013. She’s got soul with such ease, something you wouldn’t expect from a cute “blond” from LA. And as much as Hot Natured does her right with their garage-soul production, Benoit & Sergio remixed ‘Reverse Skydiving’ into a healthy disco joy ride.

Ghost Beach’s chorus in this is a bit of an anthem of mine [with one minor edit]. It pours emotion and I just can’t help but sing it back in my head for days on days. It rings so true every time I listen to & sing it.

“These are the days of evolution [in] sound and it’s wearing you out.”

If I’m gonna have Moon Boots on here, it’s only necessary to give him two slots and only two slots. No three slots for Moon Boots, I promised myself. Then it just turns into a Moon Boots show.

‘Trying To Be Cool’ was a catchy little shit before all this, but now that Breakbot went all nu-disco on this Phoenix number, this catchy little shit just got catchier.

I usually stray away from too many signs of repetition in music, but Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows’ collab pulls off repetition right. The more the song progresses, the farther down the repetitious hole you get and sets your state into a trance like no other here.

Classixx is hot stuff now, but before their disco era they had one of the most solid hip-hop remixes, ever. They really turned directions on this one and there’s nothing.more that I like to see than this.

If you enjoyed this mix, please make sure to share it with your friends.