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Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows · When I See You

Don't let the repetition fool you. This is damn good.

Where a good chunk of songs suck because of their repetitiveness, ‘When I See You’ glorifies it. These vocals are so well cut they put me in a state every time I hear them. I wonder what she’s saying. Does it really matter?

Check out ‘Cherry Blossom,’ as well, for another blissful minute.

Magic Touch
Style: Disco, House
Hometown: Pontiac, Michigan
Location: Los Angeles, California
Name: Damon Palermo
Label: 100% Silk
Magic Touch on: SoundCloud | Facebook

Sapphire Slows
Styles: Casio House, Dream Ambient, Weird Pop
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Labels: Not Not Fun, 100% Silk, Big Love
Sapphire Slows on: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter