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Milwaukee · Alone

with a remix by Amtrac

Milwaukee - Alone (artwork)Milwaukee - Alone (Amtrac Remix) (artwork)

When I first caught Milwaukkee on Amtrac’s remix, I thought they were some act associate with Bon Iver & that Midwest folk scene. Not only are they not from around there (or even this country), but they’re on a blog’s label I frequent, LessThan3.

Both Amtrac’s remix & the original ‘Alone’ take what sounds like Ellie Goulding’s voice and mixes her in two separate ways. The original went for a more uptempo, disco vibe, where Amtrac went with some hybrid of hypnotic soul. Either way you like it, both succeed separately (though Amtrac is still slightly ahead).

Location: Paris, France
Label: LessThan3
Milwaukee on: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter |

Genre: Electronic, Funk, Hip-Hop, Pop
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Name: Calab Cornett
Amtrac on: | Facebook | Soundcloud