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Hot Natured · Reverse Skydiving (Benoit & Sergio)

A disco remix of Anabel Englund's sultry seductions

I get such vivid imagery from something as simple as this song’s title. Same goes for the lyrics with their fun & well crafted ways. However, where this song really shines is in Benoit & Sergio’s disco rework of Hot Natured’s original. Anabel Englund’s voice packs such power without what seems any effort. Natural soul.

Check out the original’s video below. Just as sexy, downtempo’d.

“You don’t have to jump to fall with me.”

Benoit & Sergio
Style: Teenage Romance
Hometown: Washington D.C., Berlin
Benoit & Sergio on: Facebook | SoundCloud

Anabel Englund
Location: Los Angeles, California
Anabel Englund on: Facebook | Twitter

Hot Natured
Styles: House, Techno, Soul, Disco
Members: Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, Ali Love
Locations: Los Angeles, London, Ibiza
Label: Hot Creations
Hot Natured on: Facebook | SoundCloud |