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Hooky · R K’d

Important! wait for the second drop...

First thing that popped in my head when listening to Hooky’s newest track, “R K’d”, was right before the build up, the “pops” sounded so much like Mario jumping straight outta Super Mario Bros. 2 (specifically that one for some reason). Then shortly after (well, it was a bit longer), I realized that “R K’d” is “arcade” – I’m a little slow, I know.

But other than that dumb witted thought, “R K’d” is another fresh dubstep mind melter from the Hookster. My favorite track from his will probably always be his remix of “Make You Pop”, it really solified my appreciation for dubstep, but it’s nice to know he doesn’t always have to rely on remixes and, more importantly, he can actually pull off something on his own.

Edit: shot Hooky an email about the Mario thang and he made the sound all on his own (damn!)
More importantly, as “Dan the man” pointed out, wait for the second drop – one of the best I’ve heard in a while.

Genre: Electronic
Styles: Dubstep, Electro
Origins: South East London, UK
Hooky on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | MySpace

Hooky - R K'd