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Best Music of 2011 (Part 2) : Remixes to Rave ‘n’ Rage to

Technically, they're mostly mashups, but I like how this sounds better

Moving on from the Best Ghetto Funk of 2011 (whatever that is), we get 12 mixes & mashes that will pump you up from 2011 all the way into 2012. Most of these are mashups of Progressive House // Raver type music with a bit of something else sprinkled on top. A few have their flaws, but the’re all the best to go buck wild to and ring in the New Year, baby!

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Basic Physics ·· Winter Warmup EP

Rompin 'round a Winter Wonderland

When listening to new mashup artists, I always need to make sure they matched up the beats correctly. It’s nice to listen to the more veteran mashers, like Basic Physics, because I can just sit back and relax… I’ll I have to do is figure out if I like their choices.

In his latest EP, Winter Warmup, BP puts together three dance-floor worthy tracks. None of them compare to his “Jagger” mashup, it’s one of my favorite of the year, but I think if I just give ’em more time they’ll be equally heart BEAT pumpin. Starting to especially like the “Strength in Numbers” mash.

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Basic Physics & D.veloped · Turnin’ Tricks For Treats

A Halloween Mashup with over eleven horrifying samples

I’ve already had my fair share of Halloween remixes this year, but Basic Physics &&& D.veloped Talk about a perfect storm of mashers teaming up for one Halloween romp around!

In their 2011 Halloween mix, “Turnin’ Tricks for Treats,” the two take on a shitload of samples to muster up one electric-horror show. Shit can get pretty dicey at times, but I consider that a good thing this time of the year.

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SoundKlout 31 : Basic Physics

Just a few legendary mashups inside

Basic Physics is a mashup producer that hails from the good ol’ Midwest. I’ve been following his career for just over a year now and every once in a while a mashup of his pops up that blows me outta the water. He may not be the most prolific masher, spitting out one or more every week, but when you see a release by him, you know he took the time to get it right.

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Basic Physics ·· Nightlife in the Northwoods (Mixtape)

A rageworthy compilation for all us northern folk.. and everyone else too

I first caught Basic Physics with their Lil’ Wayne // Pretty Lights // Phoenix mashup. I posted it up against another Lil’ Wayne mashup – Lil’ Wayne vs. Bob Marley – in which initially I liked the Bob Marly mash better. However, since then, not only has Basic Physic’s mashup become my favorite, but I’ve come to love a few other singles they’ve recently released – all cumulating into their first mixtape, Nightlife in the Northwoods, which just released today.

Unfortunately, I’ve only had a few run throughs with Nightlife in the Northwoods, so I can’t give my full thoughts yet. I will, however […]

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[audio:Bow-Chicka-Wow.mp3,Somebody-To-Love.mp3,Sleeping-With-The-Undertaker.mp3,Starry-Eyed.mp3|titles=Bow Chicka Wow Show,Somebody to Love Our Style,Sleeping with the Undertaker,Starry Eyed E.T.]

Basic Physics – Saxobeat Swagger

Chris Brown & Alexandra Stan Mashup

Basic Physics straight up dropped some swag lines from Chris Brown on Alexandra Stan’s “Mr. Saxobeat”. As much I’d love to have seen this cut up and altered a little more, they really found a perfect match made for the Salsa Club (or anything Spring Break) – and isn’t that why we love mashup artists so much

Also, make sure to check out Basic Physics mashup of Lil’ Wayne & Pretty Lights, one of my favorites of all time.

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[audio:Saxobeat-Swagger.mp3|titles=Saxobeat Swagger (Chris Brown & Alexandra Stan Mashup)]

Like a G6 Remixes

Jesse James vs DJ Philistine vs Disco Fries vs Basic Physics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months (and it’d have to be a rock without access to the internet or mainstream radio), you’ll have been exposed to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6“. Love it or hate it, well, that doesn’t matter – it’s topped charts everywhere. Personally, when I first listened to it (unaware of the hit it was to become), I thought it was catchy enough, but it was relatively uninspiring, and grew old after a few listens. It was banished to my music library wasteland that is “three stars”. Well, it become a hit, and with any huge hit, comes a shitload of remixes […]

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[audio:LikeaG6JesseJamzRemix.mp3,LikeaG6DJPhilistineRemix.mp3,LikeaG6DiscoFriesRemix.mp3,GhostsonaG6.mp3|titles=Like a G6 (Jesse Jamz Remix),Like a G6 (DJ Philistine Remix),Like a G6 (Disco Fries Remix),Ghosts on a G6 (Basic Physics Mashup)]