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A Symbiosis Gathering

It's almost completely perfect, except one thing

The one thing Symbiosis needs!

When I found out I was going to Symbiosis this year, all I could think of was that I finally get to see Emancipator live. He’s one of the main reasons this thing I write on is even around.

Doing some digging on the Symbiosis website and social, I noticed that Madelyn Grant had liked their Facebook page – she’s featured on Emancipator’s latest single, Seven Seas. So instantly I thought, Madelyn might be there too! I asked her, she’s not :(

She’s one of the main reasons I keep this thing around, so I gotta at least try to get her out here and play live with Emancipator at Symbiosis. I think it would be their first time playing live together, at least I’m pretty sure it would be. And who cares! She needs to be there!

So what do we gotta do to make this happen? Mind you, I’m well unaware of the logistics of getting her out here. Or if she’s even available. And I’m probably just being selfish and no one wants it that bad. But they should! And I have to try and so do you if you feel so inclined.

Feel inclined!

Even if she doesn’t make it (she better!) Symbiosis is going to be a whole different experience for me. I’ve never been to a festival like this and I love new experiences. Even though some of the time I don’t like experiencing them – I’m sure this’ll be fun.

It’s exactly two weeks away and being held in Oakdale, California. If you’re going to be there, make sure to let me know. Would love to meet someone who actually got this far in reading my post.

Oh and to get you all prepared, here are my top five favorites I’m waiting to see, with a reflection of their other good tracks.

Symbiosis Gathering 2015
Location: Oakdale, California
Date: September 17-20
Symbiosis on: | Facebook | Twitter | Instragram

Music to Get Symbiotic to tracklist

Emancipator – Seven Seas feat. Madelyn Grant
Minnesota – Breathe
Coyote Kisses – This is How You Know
AlunaGeorge – Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)
GRiZ – Gettin’ Live

Griz – Stop Trippin’ (with iDA HAWK)
Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson – What It’s Gonna Be (Kaytranada)
Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day
Minnesota – Bloom
Emancipator – First Snow