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A Symbiosis Story

Go for the music, stay for everything else

Symbiosis Gathering Sunflower 2015

Symbiosis Gathering and festivals like it are an experience everyone should involve themselves in at least a few times in life, especially for the type that aren’t already going. Symbiosis brought together electronic music and other activities for mind growth & body. I went for the music, but I got more out of everything else.

People are picky in what music they’ll listen to, especially me, but other activities for growth are much more universally appreciated. That is, if you’re open to learning. I got a chance to listen to a few panels while dodging the daily scorching heat and every one of ’em gave me at least a little new perspective.

One particular speaker comes to mind was Shylah’s talk on natural birth. She took all of three minutes to flip me from ‘seems like an option some people should look into’ to ‘your child’s birth is pretty much one of the most important moments in your life (and theirs) and of course we’re getting it wrong, like always.’ She went off on a few other like-minded tangents that felt more rooted in emotion than actual urgency, but her zest towards it all was refreshing.

As much as the panels and music were worth the adventure out to Oakdale where the festival was held, all of the brief interactions were what made it so memorable, most memorably my missed connection [see below].

You don't see that everyday

Posted by Silence Nogood on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Missed Connection

It was the last all-nighter at Symbiosis and my buddy & I were waiting in line for the next porta potty. He had already gotten a stall when I noticed the girl next to me was having trouble finding a free one – assholes out of line were snatching it up.

After her second or third failure, I grilled her on owning up to the next stall. It was her right! (to pee) She tried again, but politely let the other person go, again. She seemed a bit embarrassed by this one and actually scurried off for a minute.

When she came back, I pointed to two stalls and said you better be the next one in whichever frees up first. No looking back, no talking to anyone, just go pee! But then she kind of threw me for a curveball.

She said something like, wouldn’t it make a funny story if you met your soulmate in line at a porta potty. I was taken back. I was actually shocked. Frozen. All I could think up to say was, I’m just trying to help you find a shitter. Sometimes I say the stupidest shit. A stall opened up and I told her we could figure it out after.

As soon as I got out of the bathroom I went to wash my hands and to see if she was around there. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there and I couldn’t find her anywhere after.

All night, anytime I had to go to the bathroom I’d run over to the stalls by the techno tent where we first met. I even sticked around and listened to techno half the night just to see if she would pop up. She didn’t and all I learned is how much I hate techno. And to never miss out on another opportunity like this again. (it’ll happen again)

Update on Madelyn

My previous post about Symbiosis was basically me begging Emancipator, Symbiosis and whoever else would listen to bring Madelyn Grant, featured on Emancipator’s new Seven Seas album, out to play with Emancipator live for the first time!

Well, it didn’t happen BUT she will be playing with him live in San Francisco sometime in December. I can’t wait for December! And if you’re in the area, ya better can’t wait too… you get what I mean.

First time seeing Emancipator live :)))

A video posted by Cory Zechmann (@silencenogood) on

Thanks to our photo man, Rudy Padilla.