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The DJ Shadow Remix Project

Let's find the best from the mix...

Artwork Cover - The DJ Shadow Remix ProjectDJ Shadow Remix Project Artwork Unofficial Runner Up 1DJ Shadow Remix Project Artwork Unofficial Runner Up 2DJ Shadow Remix Project Artwork Unofficial Runner-Up 3

I’ve been a long time fan of the Quannum collective, but never got into Shadow’s work past Entroducing. Recently, the DJ Shadow team contacted me about featuring a new remix project – a compilation of remixes done by Shadow’s fans – so I thought this would be a good chance to check out more of his work… well, kinda…

Initially going through the album, I thought that most of the DJ’s did a decent job at putting their own spin on Shadow’s music, but none really stood out. There’s some that caught my ear but failed to keep my attention.

So I thought I’d turn to you guys. I’ve posted a couple of tracks on here for you to listen to and hopefully give some feedback on. If you want to listen to the full album it’s posted over at solesides. Hopefully we can find the track(s) that carry this album forward. I’ll post my thoughts in the comments below after I get a few more listens in.

[audio:BuildingSteam.mp3,WhatDoesYourSoulLookLike.mp3|titles=Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (NiT GriT Mix),What Does Your Soul Look Like? Part 2 (economics Version)]
Download: 1 | 2

DJ Shadow Information:
Genre: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Turntablism
Birth Name: Joshua Paul Davis
Born: June 29, 1972
Origin: Davis, California
Instruments: Keyboards, Turntables, Sample, Snythesizer
Albums: Endtroducing… | The Private Press | The Outsider | […]
Similar Artists: DJ Krush | Emancipator | UNKLE | Cut Chemist | RJD2
Links: MySpace | Wikipedia | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo | | SoundCloud | AllMusic

The DJ Shadow Remix Project Information:
Release Date: July 15, 2010
Featuring: Somepling, NiT GriT, Blank Image, Irn Mnky, economics, Primus Luta, suonho, FUSO, Benjamin One, Sonotech, Luke B., Awkward, Cherenkov Riddim, Randomatik Blast, Sovereign Universalist, Dear My Ruby, Tiger Mendoza, Coalition of the Aware, Le Couturier
Buy Links: Shadow Store
Note: Available free with any physical purchase.