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Kid Cudi · No One Believes Me

A video & track for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night.

I love just about everything Cudi does, but damn is he goin’ pop… which is making me go pop :( Okay, he’s not making me do anything, but I do love what he’s doin – even it’s for the mainstream media.

In his most recent track, “No One Believes Me”, Kid Cudi dishes out the usual manic depressiveness, but with a bit darker theme for the upcoming horror remake, Fright Night. It may be a bit less soulful, which got me into Cudi in the first place, but I can’t hate on an artist that’s trying to expand their sound – more artists should do the same.

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[audio:No-One-Believes-Me.mp3|titles=No One Believes Me]

Across the City ·· Parkour Video

Taking The Glitch Mob's music and throwin' some game on it!

“Across the City” isn’t the usual parkour shoot – these dudes put a real grace to the movement. But team ’em up with some fine tunes from the Glitch Mob and this video really starts to step its game up. We all know that music makes movies, but in this the video really made the music.

The two tracks included are “Beyond Monday” by The Glitch Mob and The Glitch Mob’s remix of “Monday”, originally by Nalepa. I actually saw the music video for “Beyond Monday” (shown below) a while back, which does the song justice, but “Across the City” puts a whole new game to it.

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[audio:Beyond-Monday.mp3,Monday-Glitch-Mob.mp3|titles=Beyond Monday,Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)]

Sucker Punch Soundtrack, meh

Filled with disappointing covers, but one good mashup!

The Sucker Punch Soundtrack consists of mostly covers of classic tracks from back in the day – “Where is My Mind” & “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” to name a few. I usually have a certain fondness for covers, but these just weren’t done right. While watching Sucker Punch, where music is suppose to carry the movie, it really just took me out of it. The renditions took the heart out of the original song and seemed like it was turned into something for teensters. There was one song, however, that gave me the good ol, “I gotta blog about this”, excitement […]

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[audio:We-Will-Rock-You-Mash.mp3|titles=I Want It All / We Will Rock You (Mashup feat. Armageddon a.k.a Geddy)]

Just Go With It: The Mashups

Wanna hear the best mashup soundtrack? Just Go With This

Just Go With It is another standard Hollywood romantic comedy with the occasional Sandler wit, but one thing that sets it apart, in particularly, is the well done mashups that play throughout the film.

I’ve collected five to share with you, although they aren’t the mastered versions. According to Party Ben, who put together two of the five mashups, Sony has no plans on releasing them, yet. But he mentioned that if we get enough hype going it may just happen. So hit up the comments below and let’s get this going. In the meantime, here are some quality mashup songs/videos and a little story on how this all came about.

Check out the Mashes »

[audio:Cant-Stand-Beggin.mp3|titles=Can’t Stand Beggin’ (Madcon // The Police mashup)]

Lincoln Lawyer Soundtrack, SO FRESH

with one killa Cali remix of "California Soul", featuring Ya Boy

Lincoln Lawyer is kinda like a newage Primal Fear with a few more twists and a happy ending we’ve grown to accept in movies nowadays (for better or worse). But I’m not here to talk about the film, as good as it was I gotta rep its well picked soundtrack.

The first track to catch my attention was Gangstarr’s “Moment of Truth”. I love when movies put in some quality hip-hop, and although there were some good tracks before this in the movie, Guru’s smooth vocals really brought me to attention – he’s got one real memorable voice. But one track, even more than Gangstarr’s, sealed the deal and made sure I featured the Lincoln Lawyer soundtrack.

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[audio:California-Soul-Remix.mp3|titles=California Soul (feat. Ya Boy) (Lincoln Lawyer Remix)]

Last Song in Futurama’s “Leela’s Homeworld” Episode

"Baby Love Child" by Pizzicato Five

In a recent Futurama DVR, I caught the fourth season’s “Leela’s Homework” episode for the second time. In the closing sequence, you find out that Leela’s parents had been watching over her ever since she was a child, unbeknownst to her (she was put in an orphanage).

Check out the scene in the full article – it features the song “Baby Love Child” by Pizzicato Five. The first time I heard the song I was real humbled by how well it expressed the sentiment of Lela’s parents. I love music in television! (and movies)

Other than producing music, my dream job would be to find music – or produce it – for the screen (which I’m sure is a lot of other people’s).

Check out the Clip »

[audio:Baby-Love-Child.mp3|titles=Baby Love Child]

Being Human Gets SOLID GOLD

Those Syfy guys got good taste in music

Syfy’s Being Human just threw me for a curve. When Solid Gold‘s “Who You Gonna Run to” played on their fourth episode, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human)”, I remember thinking to myself, no fucking way.

I’ve been a BIG Solid Gold fan for the past year now and I couldn’t have been more happy for them. I love when films & shows throw in some good music and Solid Gold is […]

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[audio:Who-You-Gonna-Run-to.mp3|titles=Who You Gonna Run to]

It’s Kind of a Funny Story – Soundtrack Highlights

with Blue Scholars, The XX, Queen, Bowie, Red Man & Method Man!

While watching It’s Kind of a Funny Story, I ran across quite a decent soundtrack.

The initial song that caught me was The XX’s “Intro”. At the time, however, I recognized it as a Blue Scholars track I had heard a few months prior and forgot it was a remix. I’ll I could remember was how well Geo glided across this beat. So I Shazam’d it, Google’d “The XX Blue Scholars”, and BAM, I found Blue Scholars’ “Lumiere”.

After that a few other interesting tracks popped up, including Method Man & Redman’s “Da Rockwilder” and Queen & Bowie’s classic […]

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[audio:Lumiere.mp3,XX-Intro.mp3,Under-Pressure.mp3,Da-Rockwilder.mp3|titles=Lumiere,XX Intro,Under Pressure,Da Rockwilder]

Songs from Louie’s Season 1 Finale

Let's find this shit!

I first caught Louis C.K. on his HBO show, Lucky Louie, when it debuted back in ’06. It wasn’t my favorite show to hit HBO, but the two main characters, Louie C.K. & Pamela Adlon (now on Californication), made a good match. The show was canceled after its first season, but was picked up by FX last year.

The show was revamped for FX, straying away from the sitcom (thank god) and going for a more realistic look at the sarcastic downfalls of a comedian – not far off from Curb. The backstory also changed with Louie as a newly divorced father of two young girls.

The first season’s finale wrapped up in September and caught my attention for this article, not just for the story, but more for the music that accompanied it. Two songs feature that caught my attention […]

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Today by Zero 7

"We are the light that travels into space."

Banner - The Garden

I was watching one of my favorite mockumentaries, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down, when I heard a song by Zero 7. Before I get to the song I gotta talk a little about the film. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to see it, you definitely should. It may at first seem like just a cheesy film about stupid American 20-year-olds, and as much as it is, it’s also very funny and well written.

I included a clip of the film where the song appears, which I cut down and uploaded just for y’all. Just to let you know what’s happened so far in the film, everyone is going home to crash after a night of drugs, partying and debauchery. The video captures the morning as a serene contemplation of the night before, but in my experience this is hardly the case. Anytime you’ve stayed out so late that you get a nice glimpse of the morning sunrise… well, let’s just say it’s anything but pleasant. But this film catches its beauty (somehow) with some nice shots of the LA scenery. The clip also includes the scene after, which is pretty funny (especially if you watch the whole film), but is a bit obscene if you just jump right in (and even if ya don’t).

Finally, the reason I chose this song was mainly because of the film. The two complimented each other so well, not to mention I’ve been a fan of Zero 7 for a while. Give me your thoughts on the clip of the film which features “Today” and the scene after, if you’d like.

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