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Beyonce feat. J. Cole · Party (Remix)

"Lotty dotty we likes to party!"

Beyonce with an electro-funk beat, featuring J. Cole & Jermaine… I think I’ll get into B for a lil bit. It was sad to see Andre’s lyrics dropped, but Cole’s feature, although brief, does it well. What really brings it all together is that beat, so soulfully seductive.

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[audio:Beyonce-Cole-Party.mp3|titles=Party (Remix)]

Mochipet · Oh Just Another Bombtrack

featuring Rage Against the Machine

Mochipet’s griddy remix of “Bombtrack” starts off a bit slow, but gets messy soon after. Rage was made to be remixed in this glitch-hop, dub-steppy mess we call 2011 and Mochipet takes full advantage.

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Jay-Z & Adele · Won’t Go (Wishing)

· · · · · · · · An Urban Noize Remix · · · · · · · ·

Urban Noize is a set of twin producers based out of Miami, Floria. The two just finished up their Brooklyn. Chicago. London. mashup project with a Jay-Z // Adele mash.

“Won’t Go (Wishing)” takes on Jay-Z’s “Wishing on a Star” & Adele’s “He Won’t Go.” The mashup feels more like an original, really just because of how well the two vocals match up, but I guess that’s what makes or breaks a mashup anyways. The beat also pulls in from both originals, yet still keeps to a clean & simple melody. I haven’t checked out any other tracks from the project, but based off this, I’m heading there right now.

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John Hamilton ·· Red & White [HIGHLIGHTS]

Just about the best amount of bangers I've heard in a long time.

Caught this from mr. marc at MFJ and damn does it bang. I don’t really listen to mixtapes very often (gotta kick that habit), but this got me from the very first touch.

I’ve already listed to eSQUIRE & Di Scala’s “Slightest Touch” about a half dozen times and those vocals are getting more & more ge.orge.ous (gorgeous) every single one of ’em! Check it out below, as well as a few other favorites, and get yo party faces uh pumpin’ (or pumpkin for the season).

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[audio:Slightest-Touch-Mix.mp3|titles=Slightest Touch (Original Mix)]

Kid Cudi · Bigger Than You (Prod. Emile)

Unreleased Kid Cudi tracks = GOOD times.

This goes way back to ’07 in what’s rumored to be Cudi’s first Emile produced track. It was suppose to be on Cudi’s debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, but was cut due to an unfinished leak, titled as “Do It Alone.” Well, it was worth the wait – here’s a freshly pressed version just for you… & you & you & you.

What’s there to say about “Bigger Than You” – classic lines from Cudi, smooth n’ stoner savvy beats. It’s another chill hip-hop track that I’d give Cudi a little criticism for not bringin his sound forward, but we’re bringin in it back, so that wouldn’t make much sense. ;)

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[audio:Bigger-Than-You.mp3|titles=Bigger Than You (Prod. Emile)]

Prince · Seven (Love And Light Remix)

Smoke all them sons o' bitches

Another dirty little lazer crunk piece from the Love and Light crew – this time featuring his Royal Badness, Prince. These lazer gunslingers have remixed Prince’s “Seven” with glitch love and lazer light. Shit starts off with a bang, gets a bit monotonous with the vocal breaks towards the middle, but ends it all with one last romp around with those prestigious Prince vocals. <3Lazer View Full Article »

Birdy · Skinny Love (Owsey Remix)

With potential to be the best Bon Iver cover//remix

Wow. When Birdy hits that high note @1:06, it feels like a dream. Or at least something out of a picturesque scene in a film – you know, when the lonely boy flashes back to his first girlfriend dancing in the summer green grass in slow motion, next to Boo Radley’s tree… minus the last part. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there.

I love my breakbeats and heavy drums, but this “Skinny Love” remix needs to stay in the high & mighty. Owsey goes into some glitchy bass work, which may not be half bad, but really doesn’t fit well here. Like I said before, this piece feels like a nostalgic dreamscape and the only place for glitch and bass is […]

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Figure · This is Halloween

My favorite Halloween anthem gets mauled by that bass

This isn’t Figure’s best Halloween remake this year, that’d go to his Beetlejuice Dubstep Mix, but damn does this bring me back. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is my faaaavorite Halloween movie, that and “Young Frankenstein,” and it’s interesting to hear a dubstep take on the movies’ theme song. Dubstep really was made for such goolish jams like this!

What’s your favorite Halloween movie

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[audio:This-Halloween.mp3|titles=This is Halloween]

Michael Jackson · Thriller (Wick-it Remix)

A healthy remix for any upcoming Halloween shindig

Wick-it does a number on this MJ classic, however, I do get mixed feelings at times. On the one hand, he’s got the drops down with a good, long coast that lasts – on the other hand, I felt he didn’t push the power in MJ’s vocals enough, not giving the buildup it’s necessary oomph.

Be as it may, it’s still a healthy remix for the Autumn season + I’m always up to hear those sweet, sweet vocals of Michael’s <3 View Full Article »

Jim Carrey · Somebody To Love (Disco Tech Edit)

"Don't take the green acid that's for the bass player."

Disco Tech’s edit of Jim Carrey’s hilarious karaoke bit in The Cable Guy is a bit of brilliance. Not only does it bop along quite nicely, but the short intermissions that I’m guessing he improv’d are straight up classic Carrey oneliners.

More DJ’s gotta hop this bandwagon and remix their favorite sing-alongs from a movie or television show. I’ve been follow Disco Tech for a month or so, don’t confuse him with the group DiscoTech, and he’s puts out some real interesting stuff lately.

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[audio:Somebody-Love-Carrey.mp3|titles=Somebody To Love (Disco Tech Edit)]