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Katherine E · I’m Alright (Butch Clancy Remix)

You're as cold as ice ... no, wait.

For some reason this reminded me of the “Cold As Ice” melody from Foreigner, but now that I went back and actually listened to the track, not so much. Wonder what I’m thinking of… (anyone). Still a bass stabbin remix with enough bass to kill a small goat.

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So What’s This Whole Skrillex Thang About?

Cause I get it... but I kinda don't get it. Get it?

I’ve been listening to the four tracks Skrillex recently put up on SoundCloud and it made me wonder why people like him so much. I actually quite enjoyed a couple of the tracks, but more for who he remixed rather than the actual remixes themselves.

He’s got a few bangers that are done real well, but most of his shit just seems marginally above the rest. That’s why I really want to hear the good and bad from you all. I first had a discussion to see if Skrillex was considered Brostep (still can’t figure what that is, haha), but now I just want to understand his mass appeal.

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Kid Cudi · Marijuana (No Pets Allowed Remix)

Sometimes simple is best [especially in dubstep]

No Pets remix of “Marijuana” puts more mary to the jane with some high-pitched synths and a thunder-rumbling bass. It may not be that over complicated, insanely sloppy dubstep, but sometimes simple is best [especially in dubstep].

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Nirvana · All Apologies (Sound Remedy Remix)

Nirvana with an electro-upbeat viiiibe? (yes)

For once I don’t feel so fuckin bad after listening to a Nirvana track, and of course it took a remix to do it. This uplifting electro beat was done by the Sound Remedy, remixed with every bleep, bump and BLURP (I don’t know how to type some sounds) for my electro wants & needs. Props for not only puttin’ Cobain’s voice on a different vibe, but with some electro-class.

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Blackmill · Let It Be (Full Version)

featuring some fiiiiine vocals from Veela.

It’s been too long, Blackmill, but I’m thrilled to present your new single, “Let It Be,” featuring the refined, beautifully threaded vocals of Veela. Instrumental-wise, it’s the standard soul moving music from Blackmill, which is one of the finest growing sounds I’ve heard in dubstep or downtempo. I’m sure it’ll grow on you too, if ya give it a chance.

Make sure to check out our Blackmill SoundKlout feature, one reeelaxing set o’ songs!

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[audio:Blackmill-Let-Be.mp3|titles=Let It Be (feat. Veela)]

Doobie Brothers · Black Water (Love & Light Remix)

It's no DB original, but still something to get CRUNK to.

These Love and Light crunksters are bringing us more lazer/sonic/whatever kinda crunk this time on the Doobie Brother’s classic, “Black Water”. Can’t say I love it more than the original, but it sure is something to get twisted to.

* Sounds like they’re saying Obama at the start (instead of Mama) – I’m trippin, haha.

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Monster Mashes · Classic Mario

Super Mario Theme // Nas // Kanye West Mashup

Mixing a hip-hop version of Mario’s classic theme with Kanye & Nas sounds like a joke at first. But once you settle up with this mix, you realize how well it’s done. To something that would initially seem cheesy as hell, “Classic Mario” is an epic mashup for any nerdcore hip-hop fan.

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Drome · Sunshine (Hooky Remix)

A ray of hope for that bastard stepchild, dubstep

Hooky’s remix of “Sunshine” is a ray of hope for that bastard stepchild of a genre, dubstep. Dubstep always does well with high-pitched vocals such as these, but Hooky brings a rustic-step that reverbs off the eardrums nicely.

If you’re still not use to “music” like this, get to – it’s the future of dance.

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SoundKlout 30 : Pretty Lights

A Journey through Pretty Sounds

For the last feature of our 30 Days of SoundKlout, I wanted to show off one of my favorite electro artists, Pretty Lights. However, instead of just throwing out my handful of favorites, I went through every one of his albums and plucked the top ones. It took an assload of time, so I hope you enjoy.

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Shotgun Radio – A Bad Place (Minnesota Remix)

Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Mimi Page

Minnesota’s remix of “A Bad Place”, originally by Shotgun Radio, is more deep covered bass with ever higher synths from MN Can’t say it’s my favorite remix of his, it’s tough competition, but I’m not one to resist gorgeous vocals – <3 Mimi Page - mixed in with some FUTURE BASS.

This’ll be released on Simplify Records in god knows when, so take it in “hear” until then.

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