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Birdy · Skinny Love (Owsey Remix)

With potential to be the best Bon Iver cover//remix

Wow. When Birdy hits that high note @1:06, it feels like a dream. Or at least something out of a picturesque scene in a film – you know, when the lonely boy flashes back to his first girlfriend dancing in the summer green grass in slow motion, next to Boo Radley’s tree… minus the last part. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there.

I love my breakbeats and heavy drums, but this “Skinny Love” remix needs to stay in the high & mighty. Owsey goes into some glitchy bass work, which may not be half bad, but really doesn’t fit well here. Like I said before, this piece feels like a nostalgic dreamscape and the only place for glitch and bass is hell!.. and the occasional rave set.

Fortunately, it all clears up towards the end with a soothing outro and of course Birdy’s pleasantly soft voice.

Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Owsey on: SoundCloud | Facebook | YouTube